Everything you need to know about Bicycle Touring and Adventure Travel in China

China is a huge and complex country, full of natural marvels and endangered cultural diversity. Cycle touring in China is tough but rewarding, as it is exploring it in any other way (backpacking for example). Each region is as vast as a state itself, with a lot more to see than what’s featured on the most popular guidebooks. Tall mountains, huge deserts, endless plains and wetlands, China has it all!

We traveled China by bicycle for two months and lived here for a year and a half. Check out our tips, hacks, and trip reports.

Tiantai Zhejiang China

Tiantai: the holy mountains of Zhejiang

Near the Guoqing Temple Tiantai Travel Guide Another great day-trip from Hangzhou or Shanghai (although staying at least one night would be better) is the historical and naturalistic area of Tiantai. Tiantai has a long history indeed, it's birthplace an...