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Bikepacking VS Cycle Touring

A thorough guide to choose the right setup for you

Frame Bags

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Seat Packs

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Handlebar Packs

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Top Tube Bags

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Cargo Cages & Fork Bags

Bikepacking Backpacks

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What Bike for Bikepacking?

Well, we've seen bikepacking can be done on many different styles of bikes. Here on cycloscope, with the help of our contributors, we regularly review and compare travel bikes - have a look down here and see if you can find your dream rig.

Gravel & Plus

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Touring Bikes

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Beginner Looking For an Easy Bikepacking Destination?

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More Bikepacking Routes Around The World


Ultralight Camping Gear for Bikepacking

The aim of bikepacking is staying compact and light, so if you want to be self-sufficient you should carefully select your camping gear to be lightweight and pack small. Our bikepacking gear guides are here to help.

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Choosing the Right Clothing for Bikepacking

Bikepacking sends you in the wild, you might face harsh weather conditions and put your clothing on test on thorny trails. Our guides will help you choose the best clothings for your needs.

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Let's be clear, you don't need the best bike and components to go bikepacking. If you've got the legs - and most imporantly, the right mindset - every bike will do. Nevertheless, quality is often worth it, and a nice upgrade can make your life easier.

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Components upgrades

Bikepacking Accessories

Cool gadgets are a nice addition to bikepacking setups. Having a nice action-cam and a reliable GPS can lead to increased enjoyment and help you share your trips with other bikepackers.

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The best cycling watches from cheap to topGarmin smartwatches, GPS fitness trackers,...