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Happy to Cycle with friends

Meet The Cycloscope Team

Born in 2014 as a place to tell the stories we collected during our bicycle journey around the world, cycloscope has slowly but steadily become one of the most trusted sources for cycle touring, bikepacking, and general travel and cycling advice.

That’s also thanks to our always-growing team of experts – friends and professionals we’ve met along in these long unforgettable years of nomadism.

Cycloscope – The founders

daniele giannotta
Daniele Giannotta (1982, musicologist, yoga teacher, and sound artist)

Daniele Giannotta

born in Catania (Sicily), I’m fond of soundscapes, ethnomusicology, bicycles, natural living, meditation, science fiction, canoeing, writing, making music… yes that’s a lot of things, can’t help it.

elena stefanin cycloscope
Elena Stefanin (1984, culture and human rights political scientist)

Elena Stefanin

saw the world for the first time in a little town close to Bologna, I love nature photography, hiking volcanoes, and saying what I think. I’m interested in nomadic cultures and anthropological and naturalistic reportage.

The Authors Team

scott newman
Scott Newman (travel guide, archeologist)

Scott Newman

born in Australia, Scott has cycled and traveled too many countries to count. Expert in history and archeology, Scott has lived in Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Turkey, which is his long-lasting love

Linn Haglund - outdoor expert
Linn Haglund (outdoor expert, blogger)

Linn Haglund

a travel blogger, freelance writer, and avid traveler embracing the outdoors. Having spent most of her free time camping, hiking, and cycling, she currently travels full-time in her van with her partner and dog.
Owner of

Mark Hartley
Mark Hartley (cyclist, sailor, DJ, writer)

Mark Hartley

South African madman, cyclist, DJ, sea sailor. Mark has been freelance writing for some of the leading cycling publications since 2018

kiran kazim
SKiran Kazim (SEO expert, author)

Kiran Kazim

a writer and nature enthusiast rolled into one! When not penning down captivating stories, you can find Kiran happily cycling through beautiful landscapes and enjoying the great outdoors.

Godimundi (Stefania Sposato, Alessandro Maccarone)


Stefania (anthropologist) & Alessandro (nature guide, animal keeper)
on a Tandem around the world since 2014. A journey in the name of nature, an adventure to discover the world, a hymn to life, health, and freedom.