18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023

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best bike accessories

The best bike accessories!
All the must-have essential cycling gadgets for road bikes, gravel, and mountain bikes

Cool bicycle accessories for all budgets

Are you just getting started in the cycling world and want to know all the essential bike accessories you should get? Or are you in search of cool cycling gadgets to pimp your bicycle experience?

In any of these cases, we got you covered. We’ll showcase the best bike accessories for each essential category – they aren’t just the best, but also the coolest cycling gadgets available in 2023.

We’ll keep updating this article when we find out about new cool stuff, so please let us know your favorite bike accessories in the comments!

Thousands of people take to the roads on bicycles every day. Having the right accessories with you can really save your ass when you are out on the road. Whether you are hitting the trails for a mountain bike camping trip, training on your road bike, or riding your e-bike to work, having the proper gear and gadgets can help you to have a smoother and more enjoyable cycling life.

Go on and dive into our selection of must-have bike accessories.

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How we compile our gear guides: during the almost 10 years of cycloscope.net our team personally tested dozens of similar pieces of gear. For what we can't test personally, we involve other people in the cycling community to give their feedback and opinion about gear they have used. Our decade-long experience in bicycle touring enables us to find the key cons and pros of every product we mention.

best bike accessories

The Best Cycling Accessories In A Nutshell

  • Bike Helmet
    • We recommend Rudy Project Racemaster
  • Bike Helmetfor Those on a Budget
    • We recommend Gem Bike Helmet With MIPS System
  • Bike GPS Computer
    • We recommend Garmin 830 Explore
  • Saddle Bags
    • We recommend Ortlieb Seat-Pack [16.5 L]
  • Multitool and Repair Kit
    • We recommend ParkTool IB3 I-Beam
  • Bike Phone Mount
    • We recommend  RAM X-Grip Bike
  • Bike Lights
    • We recommend Olight BFL 900
  • Cycling Action Camera
    • We recommend GoPro Hero 10
  • Bicycle Pump
    • We recommend Pro Bike Tool Mini Pump
  • Bike Rearview Mirror
    • We recommend Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror
  • Bike Panniers
    • We recommend Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic
  • Bike Lock
    • We recommend Kryptonite Evolution
  • Water Bottle & Cage
    • We recommend Contigo Autoseal
  • First Aid Kit
    • We recommend I GO 85 First Aid Kit
  • Snacks
    • We recommend PROBAR Base Protein Bar
  • Handlebar Bag
    • We recommend Ortlieb Travel Ultimate 6 Classic
  • Rain Protection
    • We recommend Saphirose Cycling Poncho
  • Reflective Vest
    • We recommend Touran Reflective Vest

18 Best Bike Accessories
Our Favourite Cycling Gadgets for 2023

Bike Helmet

best gifts for road bikers
We recommend
Rudy Project Racemaster

Safety first! The first cycling accessory you should purchase when you begin your riding career is most certainly a good helmet.

Helmets are one of those “gadgets” worth investing in – after all, it can be the line between life and death.

Helmets save lives every day, and there’s really a difference between the safest bike helmets and the rest, that’s why we recommend the Rudy Project Racemaster, ranked in the top ten safest helmets in 2023 by Virginia Tech.

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Bike Helmet – For Those on a Budget

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 2
We recommend

Available in 10 different colors, this Mips helmet incorporates a low-friction layer, enabling a 10–15mm multidirectional displacement upon specific angled impacts. Its purpose is to diminish rotational force exerted on the head, guaranteeing optimal safety measures.

There is a set of inserts and removable lining, 25 airflow vents, and by utilizing the in-mold technique, the lightweight one-piece design of this hybrid helmet is achieved through the combination of a reinforced PC shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam. Perfect multi-style choice for road cycling, commuting, touring, and off-road biking adventures.

Bike GPS Computer

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 3
We recommend
Garmin 830 Explore

Many bicycle travelers rely on smartphones for navigation, but once a nerdy cyclist tries out a real GPS device, he/she’ll never want to go out without it.

This incredibly handy and conveniently small gadget can provide you with accurate data on anything from speed to location and altitude.

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Saddle Bags

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 4
We recommend
Ortlieb Seat-Pack [16.5 L]

When you travel on a bike you don’t have a lot of storage options. Either you carry what you need on your bike or on your back.

Yes, there are many ways to store luggage on a bike. Road bikes for example don’t have racks or mounting points for bags… but you can always attach a saddle bag, to any bike.

Most experienced riders choose to add a set of saddlebags to their bike for convenience. Carrying a heavy backpack can be uncomfortable and hard to handle.

Saddlebags come in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs and the length of your trip.

Our choice falls again on Ortlieb, their bike seat pack is one of the best available. Big enough to store a change of clothes plus groceries on your way back from work.

Tip: Be sure your bike saddle can accommodate one before purchasing!

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18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 5

Multitool and Repair Kit

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 6
We recommend
Park Tool IB-3 I-Beam Multi-Tool

You should never hit the road without a bicycle tool kit packed full of the essentials that will help you make repairs and take care of daily bicycle maintenance chores. Your kit should include:

  • Chain lube
  • Chain replacement links
  • Multi-tool
  • Tire levers
  • Extra spokes and spoke wrench
  • Spare tire or tube

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Bike Phone Mount

One of the most used bike accessories nowadays, a bike phone mount allows the rider to safely navigate, answer calls, and check their cycling data.

Having to phone on hand during long bike commutes or bikepacking trips is great. It can be a valuable bike touring tool and every bike should have a proper mount.

Not only does it allow you to take calls safely hands-free but it gives you a secure place to keep your phone.

Also, there are a lot of cycling apps that you can download, some act as a GPS system, helping you to navigate, others are designed for training and monitoring your workouts and progress.

There are many models of bike phone holders on the market, but the Ram X’Grip is our absolute favorite for it’s versatility (it can adapt to any phone) and strong grip

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Bike Lights

cycling gadget bike light
We recommend
Olight BFL 900

You always want to be able to see what’s in front of you on the road. You also want to be seen on the road. Every touring bike should have a good forward and rear light installed. For your own safety, it’s important to invest in a lighting system.

Cycling Action Camera

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 8
We recommend
GoPro Hero 10

Filming and sharing one’s own MTB adventures has become more and more trendy in recent years, thanks to the astounding technological level reached by the best action cams.

GoPro doesn’t need presentation, they are the ultimate action cams for cycling. A great gift for a lucky biker.

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Bicycle Pump

bike pump accessories
We recommend
Pro Bike Tool Mini Pump

Never leave on a bike ride without a mini-pump. Your tires will take a beating on the road, so a pump will be a valuable tool.

You should be pumping up your tires at the beginning of each new leg of your trip. Depending on the terrain that you will be covering, you may want to have a pump to help you adjust the pressure in your tires for smoother or rougher surfaces.

Bike Rearview Mirror

best bike accessories mirror
We recommend
Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Visibility is a vital part of staying safe on the road. It’s okay to take quick glances behind you when you must check out the traffic but, that small movement can leave you out of balance and possibly cause a spill.

It’s better to have mirrors added to your handlebars so that you can safely see all the traffic around you.

best bike accessories

Bike Panniers

Panniers are the iconic piece of gear in the world of bike touring, when you think about bike travelers you always think of pannier bags.

But bike panniers are also great for everyday commuters – if you are going to work by bike might want to bring your laptop or important documents.

This kind of sensitive stuff is not conveniently stored in a bikepacking-style bag you will need somewhere secure and padded to carry it.

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best bike accessories
TiGr bow lock, long version. On the shores of Issyk Kul lake, Kyrgyzstan

Bike Lock

While you are on the road, you aren’t going to be able to take your bike everywhere with you. When you stop for a bite to eat or somewhere to stay overnight, you will want to have a good bicycle lock with you to keep your bike secure.

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 10
We recommend
Kryptonite Evolution

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best bike accessories

Water Bottle & Cage

It’s important to stay hydrated while you are on the road. A thermos water bottle with a securely twisting cap is a great cycling accessory to have with you on your bike trip.

Choose from a variety of water bottle cage models to attach to your bike for quick and easy access.

cheap gifts for cyclists
We recommend
Contigo Autoseal

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First Aid Kit

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 11
We recommend
I GO 85 First Aid Kit

You never know when you will end up on the side of the road with a bunch of scrapes and bruises. Bike riding can be hazardous even for experts and trained professionals.

At any time when cycling, it’s important to have a proper first aid kit with you. A small box that includes enough of the basics like alcohol wipes and bandages is generally all that you will need.

You will want to have enough supplies to patch yourself up until you can find proper medical attention.


18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 12
We recommend
PROBAR Base Protein Bar

Cycling takes a lot of energy to keep going all day. You may not have the time or be in an area where you can just stop for a bite when you need to refuel.

Although you don’t want to carry too much food with you that will add a lot of weight to your bike, you should be carrying a few snacks to hold you over.

Protein bars and other high-energy snacks are lightweight and are easy to carry in your backpack or saddlebags.

best bike accessories

Handlebar Bag

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 13
We recommend
Ortlieb Travel Ultimate 6 Classic

Even more convenient than a saddlebag, a handlebar bag is the perfect spot where to store your veluables.

When you are on the road you will want to have certain items like your keys or your I.D. quickly accessible without having to search through your larger storage packs, handlebar bags open from the rider’s side so you don’t even need to unmount to get what you need – perfect spot for your phone or a camera.

Most handlebar bags also easily detach from their mount and turn into comfortable carry-on purses.

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best bike accessories
pretty wet after the climb, a mix of sweat and rain

Rain Protection

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 14
We recommend
Saphirose Cycling Poncho

When you are on the road or the trail, there is always a chance that you could hit bad weather. You should always carry some sort of protection with you.

Choose between a full rainproof suit – with a jacket and pants – or a simple cycling poncho that will keep most of you dry until you can find shelter.

Riding in the rain can be uncomfortable and unsafe. Plus, there is always the risk of hypothermia, so it’s important to carry some sort of gear that can keep you dry.

Reflective Vest

18 MUST-HAVE Bike Accessories! The Best Cycling Gadgets in 2023 15
We recommend
Touran Reflective Vest

You may follow all the proper safety and road rules as a cyclist and have a proper cycling insurance policy – but that doesn’t mean that you still may not be at risk.

You need to make sure that all vehicles on the road can see you clearly, whether it is during the day or for a night bike ride.

A visibility vest is a lightweight garment made from highly reflective and brightly colored material. This can make it very easy for other traffic to see you on the road and help keep you safe.

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A Wrap-Up on the Best Bike Accessories

In this article, we mentioned only some of the hundreds of cycling gadgets and accessories available in the market, in our opinion those are the most important ones.

But we would love to hear your opinion!

What are your favorite cycling accessories? What do you always bring with you for each and every one of your bike rides?

Let us know in the comments! So that we may add your contribution to this bike gadgets list!

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