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9 Best Bike Water Bottles For All Styles of Cycling – Reviews & Buying Guide

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best cycling water bottle 2019

The best cycling water bottles in 2022
Insulated, stainless steel, large or lightweight for pro-cyclists

A guide to the top bike bottles, thoroughly reviewed

Biking is no doubt among the best physical exercises. If you love to go on long rides, you’ll need the right gear to do it.

Apart from the bike and a good quality helmet, you will also need a good quality water bottle. Whether you are exploring new sights or cycling in a competitive race, you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Just a sip can keep you going and prevent you from any unfortunate incident during your journey. With overwhelming options available on the market, choosing the right one can become a daunting task.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled the best water bottle reviews and a buying guide. 

We’ll explain all you need to know before choosing the best bike water bottles. 

So let’s start with a quick comparison, and then dive into the reviews.

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best bike water bottle 2019

9 Best Cycling Water Bottle – Comparison Table

Best Water Bottle Overall
Double-Wall Vacuum
0.7 l/ 24 Oz
S.less Steel
14 Colors
Best Water Bottle for Value
Double-Wall Vacuum
0.7 l/ 24 Oz
S.less Steel
8 Colors
Hydro Flask
Best for Premium Quality
Double-Wall Vacuum
0.7 l/ 24 Oz
Stainless Steel
16 Colors
Best for Competitive Cycling
0.5 l/ 18 oz
Tritan Polyester
4 Colors
Best for leak-proof construction
Double-Wall Vacuum
1.2 l/ 40 oz
Stainless Steel
7 Colors
Best Lightweight Option
0.73 l/ 25 oz
6 Colors
Best cheap bike bottle
0.7 l/ 24 Oz
1 Color
Best cycling bottle for size options
4 options from
14oz(0.4 l) to 36oz(1 l)
Tritan Polyester
9 Colors
Best insulated cycling bottle
0.7 l/ 24 Oz
12 Colors

9 Best Bike Water Bottles [Insulated or Not]
Our Reviews

pro cyclist water bottle

Contigo AutoSeal – Best Water Bottle Overall

Editor’s choice!

best stainless steel cycling water bottle contigo

Contigo is leading the pack of best water bottles on the market. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and the Thermalock keeps the water cold for a long time.


The AutoSeal button of this stainless steel cycling water bottle seals the lid between your sips. It will prevent any leaks and spills while you drink.


With its double-walled vacuum insulation, you can conveniently keep your drinks cold for up to a whopping 28 hours. For this reason, this bottle is a good choice for long rides. 

Protective cover

The spout of this lid also comes with a protective cover. It will keep any germs or dirt away from the mouthpiece so you can have a clean drink. This protective cover also makes the cleaning process easy. 


It comes with Thermalock insulation for maintaining temperature for up to 28 hours. 
The AutoSeal button prevents any spills and ensures easy one-handed operation.
The spout comes with a protective cover for clean and healthy drinking.
A carrying handle is there for easy transportation. 
The lid is dishwasher safe and you can wash it with your hands.
Available in different colors


The bottle tends to leak if you place it on its side.

Takeya Originals – Best Water Bottle for Value

best bike insulated water bottle takeya

This BPA-free food-grade water bottle will not transfer any flavors. You don’t have to worry about any leakages.

Double-walled insulation 

The double-walled insulation of this water bottle will keep your beverage cold for an entire day. It will also keep your hot beverage in the same way for twelve hours. It is highly effective if you are riding in warmer or colder climates.


Takeya has used food-grade and BPA free materials in the construction of this bottle. The bottle will not transfer any unwanted flavors in your mouth and it won’t sweat either.

Leak-proof lid

The spout of this water bottle is entirely leak-proof and has a very innovative design. You can easily operate this spout with one hand and there is a hinge lock as well that will keep the cap away from your mouth when you are having a sip.


It can keep your drink warm for half a day and cold for an entire day. 
BPA-free materials.
This bottle comes with a spout that is leak-proof and prevents any spills.
You can open the lid with one hand. 
Available in different colors and sizes.


It is a bit wide and you will need a specifically designed bottle cage for it.

Hydro Flask – Best for Premium Quality

best bike double wall water bottle hydro flask

This bike water bottle does live up to the claims of keeping the water cold for a day and warm for half a day.

Food grade materials

This bottle features high-quality phthalate and food-grade BPA-free materials. With any temperature irregularities, it won’t become unhealthy for you. 

TempShield Technology 

This flask is able to maintain the temperature of the contents of your bottle for a long period of time. The bottle is double-walled and vacuumed to prevent heat exchange with the surroundings. 

Powder coating

With powder coating, the bottle becomes a lot easier to grip. The bottle also stays sweat-free because of this coating.

Flex cap or Sport Cap

The flex cap is firm and highly flexible. It features stainless steel pivots and features an easy to carry strap.

It is best for your drinks when you stay. If you are looking for an on-the-go option, then choose the Sport Cap. This will allow you to hydrate yourself one-handed. 


Conveniently maintain the temperature of the fluids with its double-walled construction.
The stainless steel used in the construction is free from phthalate and BPA.
You can use the Sport cap for one-handed use on the go.
Multiple colors and sizes are available.


The sport cap is not leakproof and it is not for hot fluids 

Embrava Sports – Best Water Bottle for Competitive Cycling

best small water bottle cycling

If you are looking for the best bike water bottles, then you cannot ignore Embrava. This bottle is specifically designed for competitive cycling. 

One-click opening 

You can easily open the bottle with one click during the action. Just slide in your hand into the strap and take a sip. Apart from cycling, it is also a great option for the gym, running, yoga, tennis, Crossfit, hiking, and MMA.  

Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials

Embrava has used eco-friendly materials in the construction of this bottle and they are non-toxic. The Tritan polyester plastic is not harmful to your body as well as the environment. 

Premium quality construction

The shape of the bottle is ergonomic to ensure the easy one-handed operation and it also features a tough carrying strap. The bottle is very durable and is meant for outdoor use. 


This is the perfect water bottle for outdoor activities. 
Durable construction
It keeps the contents cold and warm for long periods.
No use of any harmful chemicals for your body or the environment. 
The one-handed functioning of this bottle is excellent for people on the go.


The lid of the bottle tends to sweat in a warm climate. 

Coleman AutoSeal Water Bottle – Best for leak-proof construction

large coleman bicycle water bottle

Looking for a large-sized bike water bottle? Go for the Coleman. This 1.2 liter stainless steel water bottle is durable and it is designed for people who love to spend their time cycling on the road. 


This flask is vacuum-insulated and has a double-walled construction. Now your cold drink will remain that way for up to 58 hours and your hot beverages will stay the same for 20 hours. 

High flowing spout 

The spout of this large cycling water bottle allows high flow. You can quickly hydrate and get back on the road without wasting any time. 


This water bottle also comes with the AutoSeal feature and it will keep the fluid from spilling during your sips. The protective cover for the spout is also there to prevent germs and dirt from entering into your mouth. 


Coleman has used BPA-free materials.
The protective spout will keep the mouth of the bottle free from any germs.
With AutoSeal you don’t have to deal with any spills during your sips.
The double-walled construction makes the bottle properly insulated.


You have to press a button for opening the valve each time you sip. 

Camelbak – Best Lightweight Option

best cycling water bottle lightweight

This fancy-looking water bottle from Camelbak is extremely lightweight and it can keep your water cold for long periods. The bottle has an easy to clean design and it’s definitely among the best cycling water bottles in this list.

Self-sealing jet valve

This bottle features a self-sealing jet valve. With this valve, you won’t experience any spills or splatters during your sips. So drink as much as you love.


This bottle is extremely lightweight because it is not made of stainless steel. Moreover, you can easily squeeze it to increase the flow of water.

Removable nozzle

The nozzle of this bottle is removable and you can easily do it to clean the bottle. This is probably one of the best options for you to consider if you like washing by your hands. 


Lightweight design for easy carrying and one-handed use.
You can squeeze it for increasing the water flow as per your needs.
The jet valve is self-sealing and it won’t allow any splatters.
Effortless cleaning.


It doesn’t keep the fluid’s temperature for long hours.

Schwinn – Best cheap water bottle

pro cyclist race water bottle

If you do cycling occasionally and don’t want to spend too much on a water bottle, then this is the right option for you to consider. 

Hold your carbonated drinks 

This budget water bottle from Schwinn is able to hold a carbonated drink for you. Furthermore, it is able to maintain a stay water flow so that you can quench our thirst. 


Schwinn has been around for a long time in the bicycle industry and for this reason they understand the needs of a regular cyclist. Cyclists need to remain active and well-hydrated during their rides. So the company has used food-grade plastic in the construction of this bottle to keep it healthy. 

Easy to clean

This cheap water bottle is very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. However, if you prefer to use your hands for cleaning then this will be slightly awkward for you. 


This bottle is easy to squeeze and is dishwasher safe.
Your purchase will include a bottle cage as well. 
The spout comes with a lid and it prevents any spills and leakages. 
The bottle is very easy to use on the go with one hand.


If you prefer to wash using your hands then this bottle is not the right option for you.

Zorri – Best cycling bottle for size options

zorri bike water bottle

If you’re looking for some color variety and a bottle with a pop-open lid, then this water bottle from Zorri needs to be on your checklist. The great thing is that Zorri makes these bottles in four different sizes: 14oz (400ml ), 17oz (500ml ), 24oz (700ml), and 36oz (1000ml)!

Pop-open lid

The traditional pop-open lid is still going strong and Zorri understands that. With this lid, the bottle becomes 100% leak proof. 

No plastic tasting water

Zorri has used BPA-free plastic in the construction of this bottle and you won’t get the taste of the bottle in your drinks. 

Durable filtering layer

This bottle features a highly durable filtering layer and it is the ideal choice for infusing fruits in your drinks. 


This water bottle has a filter right next to the lid and it allows you to infuse a variety of fruits in your drinks.
Available in a range of colors and sizes.
The bottle is very easy to use with one hand as it features a pop-open lid. 
The plastic that this bottle is BPA-free and the lid is leak-proof.


You have to have that filter in place otherwise the water flow will make a mess for sure.

Polar Water Bottle – Best insulated bike water bottle

best double wall water bottle

If thermal protection is your top priority, you need to go for the Polar water bottle. You can find different colors and it is available in two sizes. 

Pioneered Insulation

When it comes to insulation there is no one better than Polar. The company was the first one to introduce this feature in water bottles. Therefore, these water bottles can keep the temperature of your fluids twice as long as the competition. 

Freezer and dishwasher safe

This bottle is freezer as well as dishwasher safe you can conveniently use the dishwasher to clean it and can also place it in your freezer.

Free from any toxins

This water bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and throughout the production process; the company hasn’t used any harmful chemicals. 


You can find different colors of your choice to suit your style.
This bottle is excellent when it comes to thermal protection.
There are no hazardous chemicals or materials used in the production process of this bottle.
This water bottle is safe to be cleaned with a dishwasher.


It does tend to leak at times when you are drinking from it.

Buying Guide – How to choose the right water bottle

To look for the best insulated water bottles first you must understand your needs. It will enable you to narrow down your options and only focus on the items that are most suitable for your requirements.

Here are some of the critical features you must consider when looking for the best bike water bottles.


This is arguably the most important feature of a bike water bottle. You can either go for a plastic water bottle or stainless steel. If you want plastic, then make sure it is BPA-free. Plastic bottles are lightweight and they are good for hot climates.


No matter which material you choose for your bottle, it needs to be properly insulated. This is important for the purpose of keeping your drink cold or warm for long periods.

You might have heard a lot about double-walled vacuum insulation. This technology allows you to maintain the temperature of your drink for several hours.

With this feature, your cold drink will remain cold and warm drinks will remain warm for long hours.  

Spout operation

Spout operation is key if you are going to keep your bottle in a cage and drink on the go. You will need a bottle that has a spout and it needs to pop up with just a push of a button.

No-hands operation is even better as you can focus on the road while you have a sip. A screw-top lid is a better option if you plan to stop and have a drink.


Leak proofing is imperative because you don’t want to end up with an empty bottle when you stop for a drink. You must consider different leak-proof features. The lids or spouts need to be lockable. 

Easy to clean

Don’t go for a bottle that is an absolute nightmare when it comes to cleaning. This is particularly important if you are looking to use your bottle for drinks other than water. 

Consider bottle components that are dishwasher safe. If you prefer to wash everything with your hands, then your bottle needs to come apart fairly easily. This will enable you to access every component for cleaning especially the spout.


When you are looking to carry the bottle in your bike cage, make sure the bottle fits right in. Many bottle holders are pretty flexible but not every cage will accommodate every bottle. Those oversized 40 oz bottles are the real ones to watch out! 

Frequently Asked Questions – Cycling Water Bottles

What size water bottle pro-cyclists use?

The size of water bottles that pro-cyclists use ranges between 500ml and 750ml. most of them come in standard size and they fit most of the bottle cages too.
The reason behind that is they vary in terms of length and not in width. You can choose any size based on your needs.

How do you install a water bottle holder on a bike?

The size of water bottles that pro-cyclists use ranges between 500ml and 750ml. most of them come in standard size and they fit most of the bottle cages too.
The reason behind that is they vary in terms of length and not in width. You can choose any size based on your needs.

How do you install a water bottle holder on a bike?

Installing a water bottle on your bike is not a big deal. You just need to have the right tools at your disposal. You will need an L-shaped Allen wrench (4mm), a cage for your water bottle, bolts (braze-on) already on the frame, and your water bottle.

Start by removing the cage bolts that are there in your bicycle’s frame. Make a decision on which tube you will mount your bottle and focus on those two bolts only. Now position the cage against those braze-on and hand-tighten the bolts to keep the cage in place. 
Tighten the bolts using your wrench. You might have a hard time to tighten the top bolt if you use a Y-wrench so you need to go for the L-shaped wrench to get the job done. Your cage is now secure and you can place your water bottle in it. 

How much water should I drink during my ride?

There are various factors that can influence the amount of water you drink. These include the climate, the intensity, and length of your ride and your own physiology.

However, on a hot day, you need to drink 1 to 1.5-ltr water roughly. 
On a cold day, the amount will be less but you should drink less than 500ml hourly. It is advisable to go for an electrolyte drink for gaining electrolytes than you lose during your ride. Small regular sips are better and don’t consume a large amount at once. 


The winner of this roundup of best bike water bottles is Contigo. It comes at a pretty decent price and the bottle is very durable. Contigo has not used any hazardous materials in the construction of this bottle and it is completely safe to use.

So what do you think about our list of best cycling water bottles? Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Stay hydrated!

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