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10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021

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mtb shoes
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Mountain biking is a tough sport, and combining it with the right MTB shoes can make riding fun. If you want to know the Must-have MTB shoes, please read on.

As a cyclist, you have three main contact points on a bike; your feet, buttocks, and hands. These contact points have a crucial effect on your experience in terms of control and comfort.

Your feet are the most important contact point on your mountain bike. After all, keeping them protected and comfortable will improve your riding experience. And one of the best ways to keep your feet comfortable is getting the right MTB shoes, paired with the right cycling socks.

Mountain biking is a tough sport, and combining it with the right MTB shoes can make riding fun; that’s why getting the right shoes is important.

According to the best walking feet, the right shoes can prevent fatigue, blisters, and make your cross-country riding trips comfortable and fun. So, if you want to know the Must-have MTB shoes, please read on.

The Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021

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mtb shoes

Fizik Overcurve R5, Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 310 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 5

If you’re looking for an exceptional cycling shoe that will guarantee you great performance and style, then you should purchase the Fizik Tempo R5.

Fizik Tempo R5 features an asymmetrical construction that conforms perfectly to your foot’s anatomy.

And the good thing about this pair is that it is available in a wide range of colors, so you can get a pair to match your style. This pair is ideal for all cyclists and can help you tackle a wide range of terrains.

This pair doesn’t disappoint when it comes to providing a stiff pedaling platform and efficient power transfer.

Besides being tuned for comfort, its nylon composite outsole delivers reliable power transfers; therefore, it guarantees you a perfect balance during your rides.

Fizik R1 BOA Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 710 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 9

Fizik R1 Uomo is a great pair that is designed to give you maximum comfort and top performance. This shoe is crafted from 100% Kangaroo leather, known for its lightweight, soft and durable properties.

This pair’s amazing aesthetics, quality materials, and quality craftsmanship set it aside from other MTB shoes in the market.

Its amazing outsole was made from 100% woven fiber that provides a sturdy platform. And the fact that they are stiff means that they transfer power easily, making it possible for you to attain and maintain top speeds.

However, many cyclists have complained about its price. But if you are looking for a high-quality pair that is worth every penny, you should go for Fizik R1 Uomo.

Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 3 Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 11
10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 13

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner cyclist, this pair has everything you would ever expect from a pair of high-quality MTB shoes. The Carbon LS-100 comes with a carbon composite HM-air outsole that is rigid and ultra-lightweight.

Its unique sole provides through-and-through ventilation and ideal power transfer. This pair features a 4.3 mm platform that brings you even closer to your bike’s pedals for more power.

Unlike most cycling shoes, this pair allows your feet to swell, which is perfect, especially when cycling in hot seasons.

Five Ten Freerider Pro

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 1510 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 17

It is quite hard to beat this pair when it comes to performance and comfort. The Freerider Pro is a great and stylish mountain biking shoe with a reliable grip.

While its rubber sole doesn’t have the thickness found in some pair, it does deliver an impressive pedal grip and feel, thanks to the dotted Stealth S1 rubber compound.

For extra comfort, this pair features a removable Ortholite sock liner and compression-molded EVA midsole.

And to keep your toes safe while cycling, these cycling shoes feature an impact-resistant toe box. This pair has a breathable upper that helps keep your feet dry while cycling.

Giro Riddance Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 1910 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 21

Giro Riddance is a great flat pedal MTB shoe for powerful peddling and descending on your favorite trail.

This pair comes with a breathable and water-resistant microfiber upper with some rock prints that provide abrasion resistance. For excellent durability, this pair has a rubber-reinforced heel and toe cap.

Its unique laces are the lightest closure system available that hold a knot perfectly and offers unrivaled fit adjustment.

Other than providing the needed grip, the Giro Riddance has a stiff sole that transfers all the power back to the bike’s pedals, making it possible for you to tackle tough and long terrains.

Tiebao Road Lock Pedal Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 2310 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 25

If you’re searching for stylish MTB shoes that can reward you with both comfort and performance, then the Tiebao road lock shoes are the best option for you.

Tiebao cycling shoes are one of the most stylish MTB shoes available in the market. Other than its stylish looks, this pair features an anti-slip lining that prevents your feet from lifting when pedaling.

This pair also comes with a durable toe box for enhanced protection. The toe box is made using a firm sandwich structure that helps with impact resistance. The integrated bumpers extend to the outsoles and protect you against rock strikes.

For extra comfort when cycling, this pair of MTB shoes feature fiberglass-injection nylon insoles. These perforated insoles help drain water and sweat when cycling.

Giro Savix Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 2710 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 29

If you’re searching for extreme comfort, then Giro Savix is the shoe for you. This pair is perfect for tackling long cycling trails and also for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Giro Savix has a breathable mesh upper that provides ample support.

Thanks to their unique setting and unique straps make them easy to wear and take off. The fact that they are comfortable and lightweight makes them ideal for beginners. Instead of having flat soles like some pairs, these cycling shoes’ soles have reinforced regions that add a bit of stiffness and strength.

Mavic Cosmic Elite SL Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 3110 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 33

The Mavic cosmic elite shoe is an outstanding pair that hugs your feet in certain places for maximum comfort. This stylish pair is perfect for comfort and speed, thanks to its unique construction.

This pair is designed to maximize each ounce of effort you put on the pedals when riding, thus helping you climb hills faster. This pair features a breathable upper that will help you stay dry when cycling.

This shoe is perfect for tackling challenging hills and road cycling. Plus, they are very comfortable, so you can wear them for several hours without getting tired.

Triseven Premium Triathlon MTB Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 3110 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 33

Triseven Premium Triathlon cycling shoes is one of the most reliable pairs in the market. These lightweight shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and enhance performance.

The Triseven premium Triathlon shoes have a unique breathable upper made using microfiber and synthetic nylon material. Its sole is made using carbon to boost stability. This pair has a tall heel loop that allows for a quick transition.

Not only are they easy to wear, but the nylon outsole provides the needed stability, while its well-ventilated insole will help keep your feet dry for an extended period.

Venzo Bike Cycling Shoes

10 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 3910 Must-Have MTB Shoes for 2021 41

Are you tired of coming home and taking off your cycling shoes to a strong stench that is bad enough to knock out an entire room? If that is the case, then you need to purchase Venzo MTB Shoes.

This pair is ideal for preventing these cheesy smells after a long and exciting journey. Other than preventing foul smells, this pair can help you tackle a wide range of terrains. This pair has a stiff sole that helps prevent energy loss when cycling.

What to Look Out for When Buying the Best Mtb Shoes for 2021


Lightweight shoes require less energy to rotate them around when pedaling. However, lightweight shoes are not always the best.

And that is because lightweight shoes compromise on support, stiffness, and protection. The importance of this factor varies with style. People tackling climbing lanes value lighter shoes more than the gravity-focused options.


mtb shoes
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There are numerous retention systems that can provide a comfortable and secure fit. Some of these systems include Boa dials and ratchet; Velcro and lace mix; Velcro; and laces. Some shoes have combined two of the above systems for a more personalized and tailored fit.

Durability and Sole Stiffness

The outsole of most shoes is made from rubber, nylon, or carbon fiber. These materials differ in terms of applications and performance.

Carbon fiber is stiff; therefore, ideal for cross-country-style MTB shoes. Rubber provides better grip. Nylon is not stiff, but it’s more durable and offers reliable comfort.


Cycling is more than a sport; it is a workout routine that is loved by many people. And your feet are the most crucial contact points when cycling.

However, many riders tend to overlook the importance of the right MTB shoes over upgrades. So make sure you purchase the best MTB shoes in the market for your long trips.

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