Best Cycling Socks for Quality and Performance [2024 Top Models]

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best cycling socks

Our buying guide to the best cycling socks for comfort and performance.

From moisture-wicking wonders to snug-fitting champions, our top picks to elevate your cycling experience

While you might pay meticulous attention to your bike, helmet, and shoes, one often underestimated aspect of cycling attire is the humble sock. Yet, a good pair of cycling socks can make a world of difference, whether you’re a casual weekend rider or a dedicated road warrior, travelling the globe.

In this comprehensive guide, we have chosen 6 best cycling socks, delving into the key factors that make them essential components of your cycling kit. From moisture management and temperature regulation to the seamless construction and innovative materials, we explore the criteria that set the best cycling socks apart from the rest.

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best cycling socks

The 6 Best Cycling Socks in a Nutshell

The Best Cycling Socks – 2024 Models

1. SuMade 100% Waterproof Socks

Best waterproof summer socks for biking

best cycling socks waterproof


  • Material: Outshell: 61% nylon, 32% polyester, 7% elastane; Interlayer: 100% PU waterproof and breathable membrane; lining: 66% coolmax, 30% polyester, 4% elastane
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: Yes. Cuff is not waterproof.
  • Activity: Dirt Roads Cycling, MTB, Bikepacking.
  • Cuff Length: Knee High or Ankle High.

Another preferred set of waterproof biking socks, perfect for summer cycling excursions, are the SuMade 100% Waterproof ones.

These socks are specially crafted for wet conditions, incorporating a waterproof outer layer with a Coolmax lining that wicks away moisture from the foot’s surface, facilitating the evaporation of perspiration.

They include added durability and cushioning in the heel, toe, and footbed regions, a comfortable and snug cuff, and a seamless toe-box for a smooth finish that aids in preventing discomfort, itching, and blisters.

2. DEFEET Aireator Share The Road Socks

Best eco-friendly + funny summer cycling socks

funny cycling socks


  • Material: 60% Nylon/39% Recycled Polyester/1% Lycra.
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: No.
  • Activity: cross-country, cyclocross, road cycling.
  • Cuff Length: 6 in or 3 in.

Dafeet stands as another prominent name in the realm of bicycle footwear, boasting a diverse array of cycling socks in their inventory, some of which exhibit vibrant and whimsical designs.

The featured model has been selected not only for its exceptional visibility but also for the significant message it conveys. With any luck, it will prompt a moment of enlightenment in some drivers, encouraging them to refrain from passing at perilous distances after reading this message… or so we hope.

Much like all of Dafeet’s cycling sock offerings, the Arieator variant delivers enduring comfort, featuring a 6-inch cuff, mesh panels atop the foot, and a ventilated toe box for superior breathability, even during scorching summer rides.

Crafted in North Carolina from an environmentally-conscious blend of recycled polyester (39%), combined with 60% nylon and 1% lycra, these socks exemplify durability and excel in warm and hot weather conditions.

3. Lasso Performance Compression Athletic Socks

Best compression socks for cycling

best cycling socks


  • Material: 62% Polyamide, 29% Polyester, 9% Spandex.
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: No.
  • Activity: Cycling and Running.
  • Cuff Length: Crew, Low tab or Knee high.

Engineered for Optimal Biomedical Performance, Lasso socks seamlessly blend the therapeutic advantages of kinesiology tape with the convenience of compression attire. This translates into heightened support, enhanced stability, and faster recovery, all without the hassle of dealing with tape.”

These socks prioritize the well-being of your arches and ankles, preserving the alignment of your musculoskeletal system during physical activity. This not only safeguards your joints from undue strain but also enhances your endurance.

The graduated compression patterns work wonders in reducing lower leg swelling and discomfort while promoting venous return. This translates to a shorter recovery period post-workout.

With a compression level of 15-20 mmHg and three height options (ankle, crew, and knee), these socks are perfect for cycling and running, but also for everyday use.

4. Endura BaaBaa Merino Stripe

Best MTB winter socks

best cycling socks


  • Material: 35% Merino Wool / 35% Recycled Polyester / 27% Nylon / 3% Lycra
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant.
  • Season: From 75°F (24°C) to 40°F (4°C)
  • Closure: Pull on.
  • Length: Long.

The exceptional BaaBaa cycling socks are meticulously crafted using a blend of Merino wool and synthetic fibers, introducing a host of features to enhance your cycling journey.

A primary focus of these socks lies in addressing two common cycling challenges: perspiration and unpleasant odors. By ingeniously combining Merino wool and synthetic fibers, BaaBaa socks excel at dual tasks—efficiently wicking away moisture and combating the dreaded foot odor. Bid farewell to the discomfort of sweaty feet during those demanding rides.

Merino wool ensures your feet remain snug even when temperatures plummet to as low as 40°F (4°C). Simultaneously, the synthetic fibers contribute to exceptional moisture management, guaranteeing a dry and comfortable cycling experience, even when the thermometer soars to 75°F (24°C).

5. Castelli Gregge

Great early-winter socks

best socks for cycling


  • Material: 70% merino wool, 15% nylon, 15% elastane.
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: N/A.
  • Season: All weather conditions.
  • Closure: Pull on.
  • Length: Crew height.

The exquisitely hued Castelli Gregge 15 cycling socks prove to be outstanding choices for cycling enthusiasts, catering to most seasons. Their blend of merino wool and synthetic materials offers exceptional insulation in temperatures above freezing while efficiently managing heat in warmer conditions.”

With Castelli’s Gregge 15 socks, you can say goodbye to concerns about sweating once the sun makes its appearance; their airflow capabilities are truly exceptional. The fabric composition comprises 65% Wool, 30% Elastolefin (Olefin), and 5% Polyamide (Nylon).

Castelli enhanced these socks by extending the cuff length by 3 cm (now measuring 15 cm), delivering even greater warmth, comfort, and a snug fit.

The foot sole has been bolstered along its entire length, providing plush cushioning and improved thermal insulation.

Beyond their functional qualities, Castelli’s Gregge socks also make a visual statement with fresh colors and stylish geometric patterns, as style is a detail that should never be overlooked, especially when considering the Italian origins of Castelli.

6. Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Close Encounters

Funky cycling socks Made in the USA

best cycling socks


  • Material: 58% Merino Wool 39% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex.
  • Machine Wash: Yes.
  • Waterproof: N/A.
  • Season: All weather conditions.
  • Closure: Pull on.
  • Length: Crew Midweight.
  • Guaranteed for life.

Darn Tough socks are designed to offer a blend of comfort, durability, and performance. Made in the USA, a point of pride for many consumers who appreciate products crafted with domestic craftsmanship.

The composition of these socks consists of a mixture of 58% Merino Wool, 39% Nylon, and 3% Lycra Spandex. Merino wool is renowned for its natural insulating properties, making these socks an excellent choice for colder weather conditions. It helps keep feet warm, even in temperatures as low as 40°F, while the inclusion of synthetic fibers like Nylon and Lycra Spandex adds durability and elasticity to the socks.

One of the standout features of these socks is the seamless knitting technology used in their construction. This True Seamless technology ensures that there are no irritating seams that can rub against your skin, resulting in a more comfortable and virtually invisible feel.

The moisture management capabilities of these socks are also noteworthy. They effectively wick moisture away from the skin.

Darn Tough is so confident in their product that they promise to replace these socks if they ever wear out, tear, or develop holes, for life. This guarantee speaks to the quality and durability of the socks and provides consumers with peace of mind knowing that they are making a long-term investment in their comfort.

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Are long socks better for cycling?

Long socks are not inherently better for cycling than short socks because the choice between long and short socks primarily depends on personal preference and the specific conditions in which you’ll be cycling. The length of your socks does not significantly impact your cycling performance or comfort, so it ultimately comes down to individual comfort and style preferences. Some cyclists prefer long socks for added warmth and protection in cooler weather, while others prefer shorter socks for improved airflow and a cooler feel in hot conditions. Therefore, there is no definitive “better” option when it comes to sock length for cycling.

Should cycling socks be thin or thick?

Thin socks are generally the most suitable choice for cycling, as they provide better breathability and moisture-wicking properties to help keep your feet cool and dry during rides.

Are there special socks for cycling?

Yes, there are special socks designed specifically for cycling. Cycling socks are designed to provide several benefits tailored to the needs of cyclists.

Why do cyclists wear compression socks?

Cyclists wear compression socks for several reasons. One primary benefit is improved circulation, as these socks apply gentle pressure to the legs, helping to prevent blood pooling during long rides. This improved circulation can reduce discomfort and fatigue. Some cyclists also believe that compression socks help reduce muscle vibrations and oscillations during pedaling, potentially reducing muscle fatigue and improving endurance. Additionally, compression socks can aid in post-ride recovery by promoting blood flow, reducing muscle soreness, and preventing swelling. Overall, cyclists choose compression socks to enhance their comfort and performance on the bike and expedite their recovery afterward.

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