best cycling overshoes

A review of the best shoe covers for cycling
The warmest waterproof winter overshoes for MTB, road cycling, bike-commuting, cycle touring, & bikepacking

Tired of your feet getting wet and cold, looking for the best cycling overshoes for your needs? You’re in the right place. In this article, we compiled a list of the best waterproof and winter shoe cover for MTB, road cycling, everyday bike-commuting, cycle touring, and bikepacking.

Some of these products are the warmest overshoes available, some have outstanding waterproofness, some other excel for their versatility.

Although most overshoes for cycling are only meant for on-pedals use, because of their very thin or non-existent soles, here we featured some models that can actually be used for any discipline, even for tough hikes.

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best cycling shoe covers

12 best cycling overshoes in a nutshell

4 Best road cycling shoe covers

  • C5 Gore Windstopper Thermo Overshoes
  • Castelli Estremo Shoe Cover
  • VeloToze Tall Road Cycling Shoe Cover
  • SHIMANO S-Phyre Insulated Shoe Cover

3 Best MTB overshoes

  • PEARL IZUMI Pro Barrier WxB MTB
  • GIRO Proof MTB Winter
  • ENDURA MT500 Plus Overshoe II

4 Best Commuting & Cycle Touring Shoe Covers

  • MAVIC Essential Thermo
  • Shower Pass Club Shoes Covers
  • VAUDE Bike Gaiter Long Waterproof
  • USHTH Waterproof Rain Boot

Bonus Product: the ultimate cycle touring winter boots

  • Louis Garneau Mudstone Cycling Shoe
waterproof mtb shoe covers

4 best road cycling shoe covers

Road cycling overshoes are meant to be worn over cycling cleat shoes, most of these won’t work with flat pedals. They have a very thin sole with a hole for clipping-on, do not try to walk with them on as you’ll instantly damage them.

The fit of road cycling shoe covers is very tight, there’s no way those could fit over regular shoes, so buy these only if you’re going to use them with the proper footwear.

C5 Gore Windstopper Thermo Overshoes

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 17The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 18

Material[membrane/laminate] Gore Windstopper, [face fabric] 100% nylon, [insulation] PrimaLoft Silver
Closurezipper, hook-and-loop strap
Useroad cycling
Warranty1 year

Let’s start with a brand that is synonymous with weather-protection. With the Gore Wear C5 Windstopper Thermo Overshoes, your won’t have to ba afraid of freezing winter rides anymore.

These road cycling overshoes provide excellent insulation and won’t let the howling wind pass through thanks to the Gore-Tex Windstopper membrane

They are also pretty breathable, preventing your feet from soaking in their own perspiration when you’re pushing yourself to the best of your performance.

The design is very reflective and the fit around the shoe is nice and tight. Of course, being road cycling shoe covers, they won’t fit on regular shoes.

Castelli Estremo Shoe Cover

Best overshoes for extremely cold weather

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 19The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 20

Material[membrane/laminate] GORE-TEX Infinium, [face fabric] Polartec Power Stretch Pro
ClosureYKK AquaGuard zipper
Useroad cycling
Warranty1 year

With the Estremo Shoe Cover, Castelli’s aim was to achieve the warmest cycling overshoe ever, and we can say they shoot right on target. If you ride in extremely cold conditions, even several degrees below freezing, the Castelli Estremo are the best shoe covers for you.

For the windproofing, they went with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fleece-backed fabric, highly breathable. A second fleece layer with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ is added for unmatched insulation.

The boot is tall for extra-warmth and splash protection, the zippers are waterproof and the wall construction can withstand constant rain for a while, even without being 100% waterproof. The Castelli Estremo overshoes are able to keep you warm down to -10°-5°C / 8°-41°F.

VeloToze Tall Road Cycling Shoe Cover

best budget road cycling waterproof overshoes

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 21The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 22

Useroad cycling

From VeloToze, here are some of the best cheap road cycling shoe covers you can find on the market.

They are completely waterproof, designed to keep your feet and shoes dry by forming a tight seal with your calf, thanks to the stretchy latex fabric.

Those are not the shoe covers you should buy if the winters you’re venturing out are sub-freezing, the windstopper fabric will keep you warm around 5C/40F, but won’t really work below that.

The biggest selling points of the VeloToze Tall Road Shoe Covers are their extremely light weight, the aero fitting, the tall cuffs, and the total waterproofness.

The are super-tight overshoes designed to be worn with road cycling shoes and cleats, they feature no weak points like zipper or velcro, but that also means they are quite hard to put on.

SHIMANO S-Phyre Insulated Overshoes

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 23The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 24

MaterialMetallic Thermal Tech-Ti (3mm neoprene)
Useroad cycling
Warranty1 year

Shimano knows how to make footwear, among their several overshoes models, we decided to feature the S-Phyre Insulated Shoe Cover.

They are incredibly sturdy waterproof cycling boots, entirely made of thick (3mm) neoprene, they have no zippers or such. You have to slide-in your cycling shoe for the tightest fit possible, this way water won’t leak in from the upper cuff, but you’ll have to struggle a bit when putting these on and taking them off.

Your shoes BOA dials can be accessed through the fabric for on-the-fly adjustments. Have also a look at these other overshoes by Shimano.

3 Best MTB Shoe Covers

Shoe covers designed for MTB use must be compatible with flat pedals and most kinds of sport shoes. The also need to be more resistant to thorns and rocks, mountain biking puts a lot of strain into gear. Some of these are also cleat-compatible.

PEARL IZUMI Pro Barrier WxB MTB Shoe Cover

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 25The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 26

Material41% polyester, 27% polyamide, 17% polyurethane, 8% elastane, 7% Kevlar
Solelugged mountain bike shoes
Usemountain biking

High-quality cycling overshoes for flat pedals still come in limited options, and those specifically developed for MTB are even less.

Luckily, Pearl Izumi has all of ass avid mountain bikers covered with these Pro Barrier WxB MTB Shoe Cover.

The PRO Barrier WxB MTB overshoes are designed with adventure in mind, fat bike lovers and plus-addict can now tackle mud and snow without getting wet and cold feet.

All potential leaking points are eliminated by taped seams, making them totally waterproof, albeit still breathable. A fleece layer insulates under the outer shell, making those shoe covers suitable for freezing rides in the 30s and below.

The trail-specific soles grip well on the pedals and the KEVLAR reinforcement protects against trail abuse. Among the best MTB shoe covers on the market.

GIRO Proof MTB Winter Shoe Covers

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 27The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 28

Material[body] neoprene, [ankle] super stretch neoprene
Closurerear zipper
Solemolded rubber
Compatibilitymost mountain bike shoes
Usemountain bike
Warranty1 year

Another effective MTB overshoe option comes from Giro. The Proof MTB Winter Shoe Covers are mare of a water-resistant and wind-stopping stretch neoprene providing optimal warmth in mild winters while including flex zones in key areas to minimize bulk.

The soles feature a molded rubber bottom reinforcement, improving traction and durability, the toe area is also reinforced and padded for extra insulation and sturdiness.

The leak-proof locking-zipper closure ensures a proper fit, you can wear it easily over your mountain bike shoes without having to spend a good quarter on an hour trying to slip your feet in.

A small drawback is that the heel-cover surface isn’t grippy enough and might slip down if you’re not careful.

ENDURA MT500 Plus Overshoe II

Best flat pedal overshoes for versatility

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 29The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 30

Material90% neoprene, 10% nylon
Closurerear zip, hook-and-loop heel tab
Soleopen hardwearing rubber
Recommended Useenduro, gravel, trail
Manufacturer Warranty1 year

These are probably my favorite overshoes for flat pedals, they work great on any kind of shoe thus having an unmatched versatility of uses.

The ENDURA MT500 Plus Overshoe II are indeed completely closed, with a solid and resistant sole ensuring no splashes from the bottom and… you can even walk in them!

If you like to use clipless though, don’t worry, the sole can be opened and securely clamped to the pedals.

The construction is super-tough, a nylon faced neoprene fabric, and a reinforced rubber toe section for added grip make sure these cycling rain boots will last you for several thousand miles of abuse.

The closure is a rear double Velcro closure featuring a fit adjustment, easy to wear above most kinds of shoes.

4 Commuting and Cycle Touring Overshoes

Overshoes for commuting, bikepacking and bicycle touring should be able to fit on most kinds of shoes, just like MTB shoe covers. It’s great for the rider to be also able to walk with them.

MAVIC Essential Thermo Shoe Cover

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 31The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 32
Closurezipper, hook-and-loop
Compatibilityroad shoes
Warranty2 years

The Mavic Essential Thermo Overshoes are a great choice for those who tour with cleat shoes, they have all the characteristics of road cycling overshoes minus the tight fit, thus making them suitable to be worn also on clipless touring boots like these.

They are incredibly warm, able to keep you comfortable in subfreezing temperatures. Their closure is a combination of side zipper and hook-and-loop, a solution that makes it incerdibly easy to slip in or take them off, while still ensuring reliable water protection.

Shower Pass Club Shoes Covers

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 33The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 34

Materialwaterproof nylon
Closurehook and loop
Usetouring, commuting, riding in bad weather
Warrantylimited lifetime

For those who need a cleat-compatible shoe cover that could double as an every-day commuting overshoe and also perform well on a rough cycle trip, Shower Pass has sorted it our for you.

Showers Pass knows how to make their stuff waterproof, those cheap cycling overshoes will fulfill their purpose without the glitter of other brands, but for a cheaper price and with unmatched versatility.

The Club Shoe Cover can be worn over your sneakers, boots, cycling shoes, or even on fancy leather shoes in case you’re cycling to a formal meeting on a rainy day.

VAUDE Bike Gaiter Long – Waterproof Shoe Cover

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 35The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 36

Material: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane
Use:commuting, cycle touring

From legendary German brand Vaude here come some of the best overshoes fo bike touring and commuting.

The Vaude overshoes are among the tallest in this list, protecting your feet up over the calves. These waterproof gaiters are not just useful for riding, they also work great as hiking boots cover to bring on your wettest trekkings, a big advantage in versatility for those who travel with their bike.

There are no soles at all though, so water could sneak in from the bottom if the shoes you’ve under do not have leak-proof soles.

This product is made with Eco Finish, an environmentally friendly water-repellent fabric without fluorocarbons (PFC). The sandwich construction consists of a technical outer material and a warming inner fleece.

USHTH Waterproof Rain Boot

The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 37The 12 Best Cycling Overshoes: Waterproof Shoe Covers for Winter 38
Material: 100% PVC
Use:cycle touring, bikepacking

If you couldn’t care less about aerodynamics but really want the maximum weather-protection possible, and also you don’t want to sell a kidney, this is definitely a great pair of overshoes.

For only about 15$, these are the cheapest shoe covers in this list, and honestly a great bang-for-the-buck for bikepackers and cycle travelers.

100% made of high-elastic PVC material, they run tall all the way up to the knee, for total waterproofness even on the rainiest days.

They feature top plastic straps for a tight fit, safety reflectors on the heel, and a user-friendly full-length waterproof zipper.

They can be used for much more than cycling, they are great for hiking, fishing, gardening, and whatever activity you might want to do in the wet.

Bonus Product: The ultimate cycle touring winter boots

Louis Garneau Mudstone Cycling Shoe

best cycle touring shoes

Upper Material[upper] synthetic leather, [cuff] neoprene, [insulation] Thinsulate (200g)
ClosureBoa IP1
SoleErgo Grip II
Cleat Compatibilitytwo-bolt mountain
Usemountain bike, bikepacking, fat biking, cycle touring
Warranty1 year

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to ride safely and comfortably in any kind of weather, the Garneau’s Mudstone cycling boots are totally worth a look.

They are super-cool cleat-compatible cycling boots that can be totally used off the bike for any kind of trekking or walk around.

Comfortable, warm, totally water-proof, BOA adjustable closure, soft ankle for comfort when walking, these could easily be your only pair of shoes needed for your cycling trip to North Cape or Patagonia. They provide great traction on and off the bike and are incredibly durable.

waterproof over shoes for cycling
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