Osh Bazar in Bishkek

Freedom in Kyrgyzstan – from Kara Balta to Bishkek

Bicycle Touring from Kara Balta to Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan Independence Day, Osh bazar, Visas and other things to do in Bishkek, a laid-back Silk Road city. Today is Independence Day, we go downtown to attend the celebrations. Kyrgyzstan is a nation of very tough people, they made two revolutions in the last 10 years and their nation pride is quite high.
Aralsk port - Aral Sea

Aralsk: what’s left of a sea

what's left of the port of Aralsk  We keep on rushing our way through the steppe of Kazakhstan. Due to the Uzbek visa denied by the drunk consul in Azerbaijan, our bicycle trip in Central Asia rec...
Ivanovka's Kolkhoz

Ivanovka: The Last Kolkhoz

Adventure Travel in Azerbaijan: Ivanovka, the last Kolkhoz While looking for interesting things to see and do in Azerbaijan, we found out about Ivanovka, the last kolkhoz in Azerbaijan an...