Everything you need to know about Bicycle Touring and Adventure Travel in Japan

When we’re asked the tough question: “what’s your favorite country so far?” Japan always come out as one of the first. Japan is an incredibly amazing country, full of cultural and natural marvels.

Japan it’s a dream destination for many, but often I’ve heard people considering it impossible because of the high costs.

Even though Japan is not a cheap country this series will introduce you to how to travel Japan on a budget. We stayed three full months there, the whole duration of the free Visa, with around 1,500€ for two persons.

Our was a bicycle trip, but most of these articles could be used by hitchhikerswalkers and all sort of backpackers with a little adventurous spirit.
Nothing could beat though the freedom of the bicycle, Japan it’s a very easy destination for bicycle touring beginners so consider buying a bike.

Japan is way more than Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and slow travel it’s the best way to completely experience this magic country. The real Japan is in the countryside and the small towns, and those are good places to go for a budget traveler.

Check out our tips, hacks, and trip reports.

Hi! We are Daniele Giannotta (1982, musicologist, cultural worker, and sound artist) and Elena Stefanin (1984, Culture and Human Rights expert), and our project is just a respectful exploration of the world by bicycle for documentary purposes.

We left Bologna in May 2014, since then we are on the road, pedaling Europe and Asia.

We have traveled 25,000 Km so far, across 23 countries, trying to gather knowledge and information that shared, simplify and at the same time deeper experience for the next travelers.