Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig

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Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig 3

The convenience of a folding bike is unmatchable: if you regularly ride a bicycle, you must be familiar with the fear of parking your bike outside a building apartment with the possibility of it getting stolen.

Worse is the feeling when you have to leave your beloved bike home while going on vacation simply because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk of your car.

For these reasons, a folding bike provides extensive ease as it could simply be folded and stored in your apartment every day and slide into your trunk without sticking out at the ends.

Listed below are some of the advantages of a folding bike over its regular counterparts.

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Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig 4

1. Carrying around made easy

The most obvious advantage of a folding bike is the ease with which it can be carried around.

If you commute regularly on public transport, they are super easy to carry out with you and make your commute as easy as possible, while helping you save the environment.

The price tag of a folding bike keeps increasing as the overall weight decreases, and you can purchase one keeping in mind your affordability and need.

Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig 5

2. Wide range of styles

In addition to being convenient, more recent models in folding bikes are both sleek and stylish.

For instance, the folding bikes by Ecosmo come in a wide range of styles, weights, colors, and sizes, each suited for the unique bicyclist that opts for them.

Also, bikes can be classified on the basis of their operations such as electric or non-electric.

3. Their Value Stays Put

As opposed to regular bikes, or any other vehicle for that matter, folding bikes rarely depreciate in their value and have a very popular resale market.

Therefore, purchasing a folding bike can be your investment rather than something you buy for entertainment purposes. You practically get the best of both worlds.

Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig 6

4. Can be kept secure

The ideal size and folding ability of these bikes makes it easier for you to carry them around at all times.

Hence, their portability makes it easier for you to keep them safe inside your home, and reduce the chances of a possible theft.

You can carry them with you inside your office building, inside your apartment, inside a coffee shop.

5. Serve the cycling junkie in you

For people who like to travel, hike and participate in cycling tournaments, a folding bike is the best choice for them.

Especially if you like to take your bicycle with you when you travel, I highly recommend a folding bike by Ecosmo as it can serve multiple purposes.

While exploring a new city or terrain, getting around with a bike is easy especially if you don’t understand the local language or customs.

Folding Bikes! Advantages & Disadvantages of a Foldable Rig 7

6. Environmentally friendly + Keeps you fit

Given the convenience of a folding bike allows you to ditch your automobile and commute in a environmentally friendly way.

Not only do you do good for the environment but riding a bike every day helps keep you fit and healthy too.

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