Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

8 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

Whatever purpose you’re mounting a hammock for, you can do with more cushion through a sleeping pad or underquilts. Here the 8 best hammock pad and underquilts.

Whatever purpose you’re mounting a hammock for, you certainly can do with more cushion – usually obtained through a sleeping pad or underquilts.

When you need to set up a place to sleep as a biker on the road or a camper, however, you need much more than a cushion: you also need heat insulation and, on rarer occasions, water resistance. This is why you need a hammock mattress pad or an underquilt to support your hammock.

To purchase the best hammock pad and underquilts, read our passionately curated guide.

1 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts: Top Three Sleeping Pads 

Here are the best sleeping pads that you can use on a hammock:

1. Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad 

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best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

Recently, I was looking for an ultralight replacement and gave my Thermarest to my girlfriend. At first, I was a little skeptical about this sleeping pad because of the cell design, but I was very mistaken. This pad is incredible! I’m 5’5 and 150 and had, on an ultralight pad, one of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.

The valve design is excellent. It has a one-way large mouth valve that doesn’t leak in between breaths and fills up quickly. Deflating it is as easy as popping your finger in there and squeezing out the air. I managed to pack it right back down to the same size it came in.

2. Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad 

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

For 7 months of living on the Appalachian trail, this pad was serviceable for me. It did well on a hammock or in shelters for 2200 miles of various conditions. I slept from 90+ to below freezing temps. It did the job of cushioning my nighty nights and keeping, in the woods, cold at bay. It is the best sleeping pad for hammock camping I’ve owned.

Over 7months, I have inflated, deflated, unpacked, and packed this pad hundreds of times; no leaks. I did wear out the carry bag, however. But I emailed Klymit, and they sent a new one within a week, free.

3. Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad 

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

Even the strongest hammock setup is a disaster if you can’t stay warm while on a trail. With Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation and non-slip zones, Insulated Hammock V boast 180 degrees of protection from drafts and cold air. And, for just two pounds of weight, you can get all the warmth you need because the pad features incredibly light, soft-touch fabric.

It fits all standard hammocks, double wide or single. Furthermore, the pad, with its intelligent ergonomics, wraps around the body and creates a barrier that prevents cold from creeping in from the bottom and sides.

The V-chamber design limits air movement, keeping you comfy. The manufacturers included a patch for emergency repairs.

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts: Top five Underquilts

The following are the best hammock underquilts available on the online sphere:

1. ENO Vulcan

Hammock Sleeping Pad vs Underquilts

The Vulcan UnderQuilt, while keeping you warm and snug in your hammock, protects you from inclement weather.

To protect you from the elements, it features a ripstop nylon shell with a water-repellent finish. Two layers Primaloft insulation, with an offset quilted construction, provides the best hammock insulation.

The manufacturers updated ENO Vulcan with a fully adjustable shock cord suspension system that’s easy to set up, works with any standard hammock, and adapts to any sleeping position. The Vulcan UnderQuilt fits users up to 6’2” and includes a large mesh storage bag. 

2. OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

OneTigiris Hammock Underquilt offers a unique experience and you won’t get enough of it.

The winter underquilt is ideal for 23°F to 41°F and the 3 seasons underquilt is ideal for temperatures from 40°F to 68°F. It is shaped to fit a hanging hammock made of materials that keeps you warmly cocooned and shields you from the wind.

It also shrinks to a small size to fit in any rucksack and weighs very little. 

Keep the cold off your back with this highly serviceable piece of gear.

3. Outdoor Vitals Aerie

Hammock Sleeping Pad and Underquilts

How do you sleep comfy without packing a car full of gear? The answer is simple: Outdoor Vitals Aerie 5-in-1! 

The manufacturers designed the Aerie 5-in-1 Down Sleeping Bag in the rugged backcountry of Southern Utah. They field-tested it at 12,000+ foot peaks, all the way to desert floors and slot canyons. From there, they sourced IDFL certified and RDS sourced down, YKK zippers, and quality milled ripstop fabrics, to put together components for premium performance. Last, they flew around the world and met with manufacturers to ensure their gear was made in ethical and quality manufacturing facilities! The result is an ultralight down sleeping bag that will cut weight out of your pack, costs only a few bucks, and keep you warm!

4. Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad

The Snugpak Hammock Cocoon does its job of being a heat repellant underquilt. Although it restricts diagonal lay slightly, it offers no disappointment because that’s expected.

The bag will be better with a suspension point attached to a ridgeline to hold the head-end off the face, and I have emailed Snugpak to inform them about this.

It works fine at 14 0C with light wear and socks and no inner bag or pad. I am yet to test it in colder conditions but, you can easily supplement it with extra clothes, inner sleeping bag, etc. 

5. ENO Blaze

camping hammock

There’s an updated version of Blaze Underquilt right now by the manufacturers (ENO). They enhanced the old one with DownTek water repellent down. With the shock cord suspension rails, you will easily set it up, and so you stay warm all night, the differentially cut design will match your every contour. When unfolded, it spreads out in a dimension of (L x W) 6′ 6″x 4′. It weighs 24 ounces.

You can pack it up into a stuff sack that measures 14’’ by 7’’ when you’re done using this underquilt. 

Besides the regular stuff sack, ENO included a larger storage sack to store your ENO Blaze when you’re doing without it for extended periods. ENO recommends that you use the storage sack rather than the stuff sack, because the storage sack will extend the life of your underquilt.

Hammock sleeping pad vs. underquilt, which one should I go for?

By creating an insulated air space underneath you, a sleeping pad solves the heat-loss problem, on the ground. Underquilts, on the other hand, are specifically designed to fit certain hammock models, even though a pad can perform the same function in a hammock. You will also discover adjustable underquilts that can fit a wide range of hammocks.

Consider the following points to choose between the two:

Underquilt prosSleeping pad pros
Won’t interfere with your natural hammock sleeping positionThough the hammock fit can be less than ideal, you can use it in both a tent and a hammock.
Models with high-loft fills provide superior warmthFor a better fit, get models  designed for use in hammocks
You can deflate air pads, slightly, in a hammock for a better fit (deflate too low, and you’ll have cold spots; deflate too high, and your setup can get a little tippy)

How to set up an underquilt?

Each underquilt comes with instructions, so that’s your first source for a fit recommendation. The following universal tips, however, will help you create the warmest possible setup for your underquilt:
1. Lay the quilt inside the hammock to start to prevent it from getting wet or dirty on the ground, then attach the ends and remove enough slack so that it suspends at the desired height when you slide it out of and under the hammock.
2. With you in the hammock, minimize the air space between the hammock and the top of the quilt. Snug up the adjustments to ensure the quilt is close, but not too close so that your body won’t compress it.
3. To prevent air from flowing through, snug each end tightly.
4. To prevent airflow gaps from forming there, secure any attachments along the sides.

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