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8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets

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best toddler bike trailer stroller

The 8 safest bike trailer for one or two kids

Either your child is a baby or a toddler, here you’ll find the best kids bike trailers compared and thoroughly reviewed

Do you love cycling? Do you have a baby or a toddler? Bring one child or two with you with the best bike trailers for kids!

Being a parent is a really special thing. That is why you never want to let your little baby out of your sight, isn’t it? Whether you are at your home or going out for a walk, you always keep them in safe hands.

The best and safest way to bring your baby toddler on a bike ride is certainly a baby bike trailer for kids.

A bike trailer or a stroller is a small cart that you can easily attach behind your bike so that your little one always stays safe while you ride your bike.

A kid’s bike trailer is an ideal solution for many scenarios, school commuting, grocery store, or even an amazing family cycling holiday, all of this is possible with the right bike trailer for your child.

As there are a bunch of options in the market, we will help you shortlist the best bike trailer for infants in this guide. Let’s dive into the choices!

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best bike trailer for kids

The best child bike trailers in a nutshell

  • Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Stroller and Trailer
  • Instep Bike Trailer for Kids
  • Schwinn Joyride Toddlers Bike Trailer
  • Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer for Kids
  • Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer
  • Thule Chariot Lite Sport Bike Stroller
  • Clevr 3-in-1 Two Seat Toddlers Bike Trailer
  • Hamax Outback Child Bike Trailer
best toddler bike trailer stroller

Best Bike Trailers for Babies and Toddlers

Here are some of our top picks for a bike trailer for kids and small toddlers described in details, if you use any child’s trailer not listed here and you do think a great deal of it, please contribute your experience in the comments.

Allen Sports Deluxe

Best Bike Trailer and Stroller

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 3best bike stroller

The first in the list is also the best on the list. The Allen Sports trailer has all that parents need to keep their kids safe while riding. The trailer has a sturdy steel frame design that provides its optimum durability while handling around 100 pounds of weight.

The trailer has 16 inch rear wheels that provide a smooth drive with less friction. Moreover, the cool thing is that you can easily convert this trailer into a swivel front wheel stroller where you can seat both of your kids.

It is easy to install and has windows on the front as well as sides that helps you keep an eye on your kid. Your sweet kids can also enjoy the view through the windows.


  • Brilliant five-point safety harness
  • It features a rear storage pocket
  • Easy to install front stroller wheel.


  • The trailer may not handle weight properly

Instep Bike Trailer for Kids

Best budget child bike trailer

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 5best bike trailer for kids

This beautiful little bike trailer has an awesome foldable design that you can easily assemble in minutes. A great feature is its five-point harness that keeps your child secure in the trailer in rough paths also.

If we talk about motion, the trailer is fitted with 16-inch pneumatic wheels that maintain absolute traction with the road without jerks. Don’t worry about any irritation to your child as the trailer has a bug screen and weather shield for complete protection.

The sturdy metal frame can easily handle up to 80 pounds of weight that make it fit for long term usage, no need to change the trailer when your child grows up.

All these features, along with the rear storage area, make this product one of the best bike trailers for kids.


  • Big wheel for extra stability
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble and transport


  • Cannot be used as a bike stroller

Schwinn Joyride Toddlers Bike Trailer

Great bike trailer for 2 kids

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 7Best budget child bike trailer

Are you looking for a baby bike trailer for two babies? Well, if you are, the Schwinn Joyride will be the best one for you.

This awesome toddler bike trailer has enough space to seat two babies of up to 40 pounds each. Moreover, it also has a 5 point harness to safely secure them inside the trailer while you ride it.

For improved stability and a smooth ride, the trailer is equipped with big 20 inches wheels that provide a good grip to the trailer over the road.

To make storage of essential items easy for you, it also has a rear room for 12 pounds of accessories. Lastly, you can easily fit it into your car for transportation, thus making it one of the best toddler’s trailers for bikes.


  • Collapsible design for easy storage and transport
  • Bug shield and weather screen included
  • Easy to attach tow-behind style


  • The fabric is the trailer may not be that good
  • No front wheel

Burley Design Bee

Best foldable kids bike trailer

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 9Best foldable kids bike trailer

Although all the child bike trailers have almost the same characteristics, the real crux in this product is the size. The Burley Bee has a simple, elegant, and foldable design that is easy to assemble out of the box and can also be carried across locations if required,

The solid yet lightweight aluminum frame construction has enough weight-bearing capacity. The maximum weight that the trailer can handle is an astounding 100 pounds. Hence, you can easily seat your two babies comfortably in it.

If we talk about comfort and stability, you can add paddings in the trailer seat. Moreover, the large 20 inches wheel will keep your little one away from small jerks that may get in the way. Lastly, the trailer also provides you cargo space at the back to store things for your mini journey.


  • 5 point harness for security
  • It has a bug shield in the front to protect babies from bugs
  • Easy to fold compact design


  • Cannot be converted into a bike stroller

Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer

Best bike trailer for twin babies

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 11Best bike trailer for baby

Well, the drawback that was in the last product from Burley is solved by this one. Other than just attaching this trailer to your bike, you can also use it as a bike stroller. All you require to do is just unlock the front wheel, and that’s it.

The added functionality of the trailer includes its handlebar; you can easily adjust it while you are converting the trailer into a stroller.

Moreover, for stability, it has a 20-inch wheel that keeps the ride smooth. Plus, the sturdy metal design of the trailer has a weight threshold of 100 pounds. This is ideal for seating two babies in it.

Their friendly and all-time ready customer support makes it the best bike trailer for kids.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • A bit costly

Thule Chariot Lite Sport Bike Stroller

Best child bike trailer for cycling holidays

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 13best child bike trailer

Well, if you are looking for functionality plus style, then this stroller cum bike trailer for kids is a great deal for you. The super-stylish helicopter looking stroller from legendary brand Thule can also be used as a trailer and is ideal for active families.

The stunning bike trailer is made from toughened material that can easily hold 75 pounds of weight. This means that you can only seat one child in it. If required, you can also get it in a double style variant for two children.

The lightweight construction of the stroller makes it easy to handle. Besides, it is foldable so that you can carry it along wherever required. The included suspension system and big wheels in the trailer cum stroller kit provide your child a smooth buttery ride.


  • The kit included both biking and strolling equipment
  • It is easy to convert as per the activity
  • The bike stroller includes a rear light for safety


  • It is really expensive

Clevr 3-in-1 Two Seat Toddlers Bike Trailer

Best waterproof baby bike trailer

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 15best infant bike trailer waterproof

If you want to get the best bike trailer for kids that can also work as a trailer and stroller, here it is.

The 3 in 1 bike trailer from Clevr has a removable front wheel so that you can use the jogger too. Moreover, the trailer cum stroller product can easily seat two toddlers at a time. It can easily handle 88 pounds of weight.

Other than this, the trailer also features a mesh window, top plastic cover, and a tinted side window. These make it ideal for all weather. Moreover, for added safety, the trailer also has reflectors on all four sides.

In the end, if you need to take that bike trailer on tour with you, you surely can; its foldable design makes it extremely compact to store and carry across locations.


  • Cheap multi-purpose design
  • Storage place included at the back of the stroller
  • Collapsible design for easy storage


  • Less weight-bearing capacity

Hamax Outback

Best kids bike trailer with suspensions

8 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 178 Best Bike Trailers For Kids for All Budgets 19

The last on the list is also one of the best kid’s trailers available. The state of the art design of the Hamax outback baby bike trailer makes it one of the demanding trailers. The unique thing about the trailer is its versatility. It can be used as a trailer, stroller as well as a jogger.

Another cool feature of the trailer set is a superb suspension system that makes the ride smoother no matter what type of way. Moreover, the interior of the trailer is spacious and includes a 5 point harness that keeps your kids secure while seated.

The aluminum frame design of the trailer cum stroller makes it absolutely durable. Besides, it also has high weight-bearing capacity. All these brilliant aspects make it the best bike trailer for kids.


  • Customizable push bar for an awesome grip
  • UV protected window and water-resistant fabric
  • Equipped with parking brakes


  • The front-wheel may make it tough to handle

best bike trailer for child

What to consider before buying a child bike trailer?

As you have gone through some of the best baby bike trailer products, you must have shortlisted some by now. But, hold your horses for some time.

Before you rush towards buying the best bike trailer for kids, make sure that you keep all the necessary features and factors of the product in mind. Here are some of the essential factors that you should definitely consider while buying the best baby bike trailer:

Safety and Comfort

As your little toddler is the most loved person in the world, it is mandatory to take his or her safety into account while opting for a baby bike trailer.

To be more precise, it is important for you to check if the internal securing system is good or not. Most of the baby bike trailers are equipped with a 5 point harness that perfectly secures the baby to the trailer.

Moreover, for more comfort and safety, check if it has a smooth suspension system and big wheels so that they do not cause any imbalance or extra friction.

Waterproof Design

It is also crucial to check if your child will be safe from bad weather and bugs in the trailer. Hence, make sure that the trailer or stroller has a plastic waterproof window that shields from rain and wind. Moreover, also check if the trailer has the required ventilation from the back or from sides.

Interior Space

The third in this list is the space of the trailer. Now, the space inside the trailer will vary based on the number of kids you have. These baby trailers are available for both two and a single kid. So, you can choose the one based on your preference and the number of kids.

Size and Foldability

The key factor that will affect your purchase will be the size of it. While buying the trailer, it is important for you to check the dimensions of the trailer. Moreover, you should also look for the compactness of it, i.e., verify if the trailer if foldable or not. A foldable trailer will be easy to store and transfer across locations.


The overall smoothness of your baby’s journey will depend on the wheels of the trailer. So, it is necessary to check what type of wheels the trailer has and how big they are.

It will be good if you look for pneumatic wheels as they can be maintained easily and also provide awesome traction with the ground. Moreover, I prefer the wheels to have a bigger diameter. Most of the child bike trailers have rear wheels of diameter 12-20 inches, which is the best.


Last but not least is the storage factor. If you are taking your kids out, it is best if you carry some small toys for them with you. And it can be a bit tough to carry all of this in your bike bags, so check if the trailer you are buying has storage space in it. Most of the child bike trailers come with storage space for small toys.

FAQs About kids bike trailers

What’s the best way to carry a toddler on a bike?

Now, it is not always possible to keep your little munchkin in your hands all the time, especially when you go out for buying groceries or for a cycling stroll. Hence, you need a solution to keep them safe and sound with you.
A kid’s bike trailer is an ideal solution for many scenarios, school commuting, grocery store, or even an amazing family cycling holiday, all of this is possible with the right bike trailer for your child.

Are child bike trailers safe?

Kid’s bike trailers are extremely safe when riding in dedicated bike lanes or on large roads with low traffic. They are less safe, or unsafe, when riding in high intensity traffic, due to the low visibility of a baby bike trailer.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can deduce that if you have both kids and a bike, it is a great idea for you to get a great kid’s bike trailer. Why?

Well, it will make your riding a lot easier as you don’t have to carry your kids on you. You can put them in the baby bike trailer while you comfortably ride your bike.

Do check all the necessary factors before choosing one and go for the best bike trailer for kids. We hope this guide helps you in the best possible way.

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