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Cycling is one of the most popular and celebrated forms of physical activity in the world. People tend to remember the first time they tried riding a bike, as it is a childhood milestone.

Those who fell in love with cycling know that there is more to it than getting from one place to another.

There are different types of bikes, cycling routes, and environments you can try as a cyclist. One of them is, of course, mountain biking, a more challenging form of cycling that is here to provide you with memories of riding adventures for life.

This way of cycling is getting more and more popular these days thanks to the introduction of electric mountain bikes.

They provide you with a more enjoyable experience, not taking away the challenge of riding a bike in the mountains. So without further ado, let’s talk more about electric mountain bikes.

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Looking For The Best Electric Mountain Bike For You

Just like with regular bikes, for their mountain type, there are plenty of options to choose from. They differ when it comes to the frame geometry, the tires, specification, and suspension type depending on the discipline they are designed for.

There are three categories of disciplines in mountain biking, they are:

  • Trail.
  • Enduro.
  • Downhill.

Downhill bikes tend to be more similar to something you would see on the motocross track. They are deliberately strengthened to be able to handle a beating during mammoth jumps and downhill descends.

They tend to be heavier, and their power transfer to be a little weaker. However, some still believe that downhill bikes are the best option for an adventure, and when you add a fat tire to the mix, it is even better. You can find the best fat tire ebikes here and see for yourself whether the experts are right.

Next, the trail bikes that seem to make the best all-rounders. They are used for tackling challenging technical trails and climbing hills with some obstacles on the way.

This category is the most popular and can be used in most environments, except downhill heavy routes.

Lastly, let’s mention the bikes from the enduro category. They are a bit stiffer and significantly lighter than others. Those who take their riding a little more seriously could be a great choice, as enduro bikes provide a little more convenience.

What Makes For The Quality Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric bikes really divided the cyclist in the first place, some considered using them as cheating, some love the idea of a modern bike.

Now, 50 to 60% of mountain cyclists ride an electric bike. As you can see, the market is growing rapidly, and the bikes are being updated as well. Here are the current specifics for the high-quality bike.

  • It weighs around 20 kilograms.
  • It is classified as Enduro, Downhill, or Trail mountain bike.
  • It is equipped with e-hardtails.
  • It has one of the best motors embedded, like Yamaha or Shimano.
  • It has a thick, quality tire, that can survive a lot of obstacles on the road.

Other factors that you should take into consideration are the design, the portability, and, finally, the costs of maintenance. When a bike checks all those boxes, it is the one. There are plenty of buying guides created for electric mountain bikes that you can follow if you need more help.

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How Much Does an Electric Mountain Bike Cost?

Electric mountain bikes are known for being the most expensive type of e-bikes out there. Being aware of the range of the price is definitely a must before you embark on an adventure.

That being said, please know that electric mountain bikes can run up to 9000$. It is a lot, but the pricing range is extensive, and you can find one for 1200$ too.

The average price stands at around 4100 dollars, and that doesn’t include running costs, which can also be quite high.

Maintenance should cost you around 600$. Every passion comes with its costs, and riding an electric mountain bike is, for sure, not a cheap hobby.

But if you love to do it, it is worth it to invest in a quality bike, so that it doesn’t require much maintenance or a fast replacement.

Electric Mountain Bike Maintenance

To make sure that your electronic mountain bike is able to perform at the highest level, it is essential to take care of its regular maintenance.

An e-bike requires a little more effort in maintenance than your traditional bike, but once you have the process figured out, it becomes easy.

No matter what type of bike you choose, the maintenance for all-electric mountain bikes is pretty similar.

It involves keeping your tires properly inflated, cleaning after every adventure, checking the brakes and chain regularly, and recharging the battery. Fortunately, most mountain electronic bikes’ motors are designed to be maintenance-free.

How to Find a Good Mountain E-bike Shop? 

Not all bike shops are experienced in selling electric bikes. Also, not all bike services might be able to take care of the brand of the e-bike you currently have or plan to purchase.

The only way to be sure is to search directly for local service providers. If you haven’t bought an e-bike as of yet, be sure to keep shop services in mind as you look for your perfect mountain electric bicycle.

Also, as you buy your bike, please remember to ask about their service department. If you buy online, it could be harder to find a service place, but if you check beforehand, you should be alright.

Electric mountain bikes are becoming more popular for a reason, as they seem to be superior to your traditional mountain bike.

With an electric unit, you can count on more comfort and safety, as well as features that will take your adventure to another level.

It seems to be the modern way to ride a bicycle in a more challenging environment. Mountain cycling is an excellent hobby, and if you have a passion for it, you might want to choose an electric bike for your next ride. See you on the trail!

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