Things to know before going to Boracay

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Things to know before going to Boracay 2
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Are you planning to travel to the Philippines for leisure? Then Boracay Island is most likely in your bucket list. Boracay is one of the most popular islands in the Philippines, among more than 7000 islands… There should be a reason!

Thi island of the Visayas Archipelago offers travelers a sun on the powder-like white sand. Further, the scattered sailboats lean into the warm breeze along the shoreline. Yes, the island isn’t heaven, but it’s pretty close. 

In 2017, Boracay, alongside the other two islands, scored a spot on World’s Best Island for travel and leisure. But why? 

The island is wild at heart, ideal for the fun-loving social scene. Consequently, the island is a magnet for backpackers, beach bums, and party animals from all over the world. 

There’s always a reason to celebrate here. Even if you don’t get to the party, you’ll enjoy a lot of amusement. Yes, the island might be small-five and a half miles- but it has a lot to offer. 

It’s an energetic place from jungle cruises on ATV to shopping or parasailing. You can also enjoy dark performances by the fire dancers. All this is the reason why Boracay is an island that never sleeps. 

Yes, you want a perfect vacation to Boracay. But do you have a plan for your holiday? For instance, which beaches will you visit? How will you get there, and where will you buy the high-end souvenirs? Here’s everything you need to know about Boracay. 

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Things to know before going to Boracay 3
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How Will You Get to Boracay? 

Several islands in the Philippines surround Boracay. In most cases, you’ll take a flight from Manila, the capital city to Caticlan regional airport, on Panay Island. The airport sits adjacent to Boracay Island. 

From here, you’ll need to catch a ferry from Caticlan to Boracay Island. The journey takes 15 minutes and may cost you five dollars roundtrip. 

When Should You Visit Boracay? 

It depends on what you’re looking for. For instance, if you want a calm glassy sea in cloudless blue skies, then visit during the warm season. It can be anytime from November to May. 

However, if you prefer cooler temperatures, then visit in the months before the onset of dry seasons. For example, in March, the temperatures are upward of 30 Degrees Celsius. 

But don’t forget, it’s not uncommon to experience rainfalls even during the dry season. But what’s more worrying than rain is the presence of algae. 

But you’re wondering why are there algae in Boracay? 

Well, it’s nature’s way of maintaining balance in the seawater. It’s a common thing even before the tourism boom. If you want to avoid it, then make your travel arrangements before February. 

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Where Will you Stay in Boracay? 

After booking transportation, the next step should be getting your accommodation. For starters, the local tourism office won’t allow you to the island if you don’t have a confirmed hotel booking.

But that’s not all; you should only book accommodation in an accredited hotel. Check the local tourism department for the latest list. 

Staying in an accredited hotel means you’re staying in a hotel that’s compliant with environmental regulations. 

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Pick the Right Boracay Beach 

Your vacation in Boracay revolves around the beach. But what you might not know is that each of the Boracay beaches has a different vibe. 

For example, the Crowd-pleasing white beach is the most popular on the island. It boasts of hotels, nightclubs, and shopping malls. It also has shallow sandbars that extend 200 feet into the ocean. 

The relaxed Puka beach is the second largest beach on this island. Its name, Puka, is derived from Puka shells that wash up to the shore. Be sure to wear sandals to avoid the coarser texture on your feet. The restaurant selection is also limited, therefore pack a picnic lunch with you. 

Other beaches include the coral-fringed Tambisaan beach and the adventurous Bolabog Beach. 

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What Are The Regulations For Travelling to Boracay? 

Are you visiting Boracay for the first time? Beware as violating these restrictions will land you into trouble. 

  1. You’re not allowed to smoke or take alcohol on the beach. 
  2. No activities or structures on the beach front. 
  3. Single-use plastics are banned on this island. Therefore, bring your water bottles and reusable straws while on the island. 
  4. Aquatic activities like water sports should be booked with an accredited tour agency.
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