South Korea

Everything you need to know about Bicycle Touring and Adventure Travel in South Korea

South Korea is not a top tourist destination like Japan or Philippines but it’s a very interesting country really worth visiting. There’s much more there then Seoul and Busan, and as it goes for cycling, a lot more than the 4 rivers bike path.

That said there is only one problem about traveling here, South Korea is probably the most expensive country in Asia. Yes, even more than Japan. But don’t worry, we can give some hints on how to budget travel in Korea, maybe you’ll have to give up something, but still enjoying and deeply experiencing this beautiful and underrated country.

Our was a bicycle trip but most of these articles could be useful to hitchhikerswalkers and all sort of backpackers with a little adventurous spirit.
Nothing could beat though, the freedom of the bicycle, South Korea it’s a very easy destination for bicycle touring beginners so consider buying a bike.

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