South Tunisia on a Bike – Ben Gardan to Dhaiba

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south tunisia by bicycle

Cycling Tunisia

400 Km through the desert from Ben Gardan to Dhaiba

Bicycle touring with Cherifi Saifeddine


400 Km/ 248 Miles




80 % Desert road


Handlebar bag – handmade, for tent and sleeping bag
Frame Bag – handmade & B Soul, repair and first aid equipment
Saddle bag – for clothes and food


Fatbike, Blackmamba, Mbm

The south-east of Tunisia is rich in a large desert on both sides of its roads there are olive trees, palm trees, and cacti, it contains a reserve to protect animals, it is a place to visit and home to many types of desert animals including deer and ostriches.

The Smar region contains land that looks like the surface of the moon and multicolored rocks, and the mountains surround the road that runs through you from Ramtha to Dhahiba, the path is covered on both sides with sand dunes, of which some cover the road.

Difficulty Score
Sleeping bag, tent, repair kits, first aid kit
Security patrol inspections and the intense heat. It is also difficult to find a place to camp in flat lands.

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tunisia desrt by bicycle

Supply points are close to each other. Water is available through many wells along the road, food is available in many villages, and people are kind and cooperative.

South Tunisia on a Bike - Ben Gardan to Dhaiba 2
South Tunisia on a Bike - Ben Gardan to Dhaiba 3

All places are safe and you will not find any inconvenience, and there are no predators that threaten you.

tunisia by bicycle

Crossing the road from Ben Guerdane to Park Sidi El Tawy requires a permit, or you will be subject to interrogation

South Tunisia on a Bike - Ben Gardan to Dhaiba 4
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south tunisia by bicycle

Pay attention to the sand-covered roads you may get lost there.

Riding along a desert path with few residents is an enjoyable experience and the people there are very friendly

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