6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia 2

6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia

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6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia 4

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or a student trying to take some time off from studies, cycle touring Australia is just what you need!

Traveling is a great way to gain new experiences while visiting new places and meeting new people – it allows you to relax and gain peace of mind. Besides, you can learn a lot through travel!

Cycle tourism has gained popularity worldwide. Using cycles for travel is eco-friendly and great for physical health.

With increasing awareness about climate change, more people are opting for environment-friendly travel options.

Cycling trips are especially popular among students and help them gain perspective while giving an adrenaline rush at the same time.

If you are not an Aussie but rather a tourist exploring a foreign country, you might want to access internet as if you were at home, in that case you could resort to using a VPN to be sure your navigation is protected and all your services are accessible.

Although cycling Australia seems like a lot of physical activity, it is worth it!

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6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia 5

Why Choose Cycling Tourism?

Unlike other vehicles used for travel, cycles are ecofriendly. Cycling for travel is a great way to relax. Besides being fun and relaxing, cycling trips offer many benefits, such as the ones we’ve listed below.

Physical benefits

Cycling is an activity that incorporates most of your body muscles. It strengthens your heart, increases your stamina, and boosts up endurance.

Cycling also burns calories and helps you lose fat while improving breathing and circulation too. Amazing! Right?

Benefits for students

Cycling trips can be extremely beneficial for Australian college students. Cycle tours also allow them to manage stress while studying and find the inspiration to write fantastic assignments and creative essays based on their experiences.

Coupled with the trusted online essay writing service professional help this experience will definitely provide the students with an opportunity to improve their academic performance!

Additionally, these trips are easy on the pocket, making them ideal for college folk. They have a lot to offer and help students divert their minds from hectic academic routines.

Socializing Opportunity

Cycle tourism Australia provides an excellent opportunity for citizens and travelers to socialize while enjoying nature’s beauty. If you’re an extrovert or someone who wants to build social skills, this activity is the best for you.

Great for the mind

Cycling is an exercise that helps you calm your mind. It allows you to take a break from the usual stuff and divert your attention to the positivity and beauty of nature.

Many people who travel admit that cycling helps them relax. If you’re stressed and want a break from studies, grab your bicycle and go out on a trip with your friends. You won’t regret it!

6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia 6
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6 Things to consider before a Cycling Trip

Cycling is fun and a great way to visit new places with your classmates or friends. It can be a great activity to relieve stress and have some fun.

But, before you start your trip, there are a few things you need to consider. We’ve listed them down for you below!

Cycling laws

Before you head out for a cycling trip, you need to be aware of laws regarding cycle touring Australia. Yes! There are laws for cycling.

For example, cyclists must have one hand on the handlebar at all times. Make sure you go through them thoroughly to save yourself from any penalty during your trip.


Make sure you have all your cycling gear and protective equipment. A checklist is a good way to see if you have everything you need.

Always use a helmet and check your cycle’s condition before you begin your journey. Make sure the brakes work and tires aren’t worn out either.

It’s also a good idea to check the weather before you plan your trip. If the forecast shows potential rain, then pack your wet gear.

This includes things such as a rain jacket and a pack cover. Cycling gloves are another essential part of your cycling gear.

Not only do the gloves protect your hands from the sun, but they also allow you to have a better grip on the cycle.

Cycling Club

Traveling isn’t fun without travel mates. Even if you do have friends, you should always consider signing up for a cycling club.

Each city in Australia has different clubs for cycle touring. These clubs arrange many healthy and fun activities that you’ll love for sure.

Route for travel

Determining the route for travel is essential for your trip. Knowing the best route before you begin cycling will help you a lot if you’re heading towards an area you’re unfamiliar with.

Also, choosing a good route means one with a lot of facilities to help you out in case you get lost or your cycle breaks.  


Traveling light is the key to a good cycling trip. You don’t want to be carrying heavy bags on your back while riding across beautiful places! It’ll just weigh you down.

However, always make sure to pack the essentials. This includes a bottle of water, some first-aid bandages, and sunscreen. Also, keep a light eatable in case your sugar levels go down.


Cycling is an aerobic exercise. So, it’s no surprise that cycling for long hours can be extremely tiring. If you don’t exercise much, a few minutes on the cycle could leave you out of breath. So, training yourself beforehand is a good idea.

Cycle in your neighborhood or down to the market and increase the duration slowly. This way, you’ll condition your muscles and build your stamina before taking a cycling trip around Australia.

6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Cycling Trip Around Australia 7
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Top Destinations for Cycling

If you’ve made up your mind to go on a cycling trip, you need to know what places are the best to visit. Here are the top cycling destinations in Australia that you and your friends will love:

  1. East and West Coasts of Tasmania
  2. Barossa valley
  3. Clare valley
  4. The Great Ocean Road
  5. Rottnest Island
  6. Gippsland
  7. Wild Bass Coast
  8. Alice Springs
  9. Flinders Ranges
  10. The Nullarbor
  11. Mount Buller


Cycle touring Australia is an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy the time of your life. Whether you travel solo or with a group, fun is guaranteed.

It is incredibly healthy and enlightening for everyone regardless of whether they’re a student or an office worker.

If you haven’t tried traveling on a bicycle, plan a trip with your friends right away!

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