what invalidate travel insurance

What Factors Can Invalidate Travel Insurance Cover?

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what invalidate travel insurance

What Factors Can Invalidate Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance should be an essential part of your travel and holiday plans. Events such as accidents, injury or illness, theft, loss of belongings or even delays, missed or canceled flights can cost you thousands. Travel insurance is what gives you a safety net so that you are not financially strapped in your time of need.

What many travelers don’t realize is that there are certain circumstances because of which your travel insurance can be invalidated. Actions that you take during your trips can actually void travel insurance.

Here are a few of the circumstances that can lead to your travel insurance being invalidated:

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what invalidate travel insurance

You don’t declare a pre-existing medical condition

If you are not completely honest about your health condition when you purchase your travel insurance, then a medical claim that you later submit can be invalidated. Additionally, if you travelling against the advice of a medical professional, then your medical claim will once again be invalidated.

Participating in dangerous activities such as extreme sports
Companies offer their customers coverage for more than 120 popular adventure activities as part of their standard coverage. However, if you decide to participate in activities that are considered hazardous as per the company’s insurance policy, you stand to have your travel insurance invalidated.

what invalidate travel insurance

Alcohol and/or Drugs

Any loss or injury that is caused as a result of too much alcohol or doing drugs will not be covered by your travel insurance policy.

Lack of Proper Documentation

If your trip is delayed or you miss your flight because of the fact that you did not have the right documentation, then this will void travel insurance. Always ensure that you have all the documents you need for your trip well before you need to leave.

Going to Unsafe Places

If your government, the World Health Organization or the Foreign Commonwealth Office have issued a travel advisory against visiting a certain destination, then be aware that your travel insurance will not cover any claims arising from that trip. Such a journey will immediately invalidate your travel insurance.

what invalidate travel insurance


Travel insurance policies are of different kinds, and most of them are designed to offer coverage for holidays. This means that if you plan to travel for work, then you need to get the appropriate kind of travel insurance policy – a standard travel insurance policy will not cover work-related claims.

Reckless or Illegal Behavior

All claims that are a result of reckless, dishonest, illegal or fraudulent actions on your part will not be covered by your travel insurance. For example, if you visit restricted locations and get injured, then it would be because of reckless behavior and would not be covered by your insurance policy.

Travel insurance is meant to cover unexpected circumstances or spontaneous medical issues that you may find yourself in, not situations created due to your actions that could have been prevented. Do make sure that you read even the fine print of your insurance policy to know exactly what you’re covered for.

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