DYU King 750 Review – A Budget Electric Fat Bike

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DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 2

A review of the DYU Kink 750 Fat E-Bike – Specs, components, riding experience, & design features

In the competitive world of e-bikes, so many new players come to the stage every year and it’s quite difficult to keep up even for the industry professionals, let alone the regular users.

DYU though is not a rookie brand, they’ve been around since 2013 and own more than 100 patents in the electric scooters and bikes niche.

In this article, we’re going to share our opinion on one of their latest products, the DYU King 750.

Introducing the DYU King 750 Electric Fat Bike

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DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 3

The King 750 is the most recent fat e-bike from DYU. It’s an aluminum 26er mounting 4″ tires, a proper fat bike able to tackle the sandiest or muddiest of tracks.

Boosting a powerful and recently redesigned 750 W motor, the King 750 can reach a top speed of 28MPH (or 45 km/h) on flat terrain, definitely not bad for a fat bike while hills up to a 15% gradient is easily challenged.

The 20A LG battery Makes you able to ride for 50 miles or 90 km on a single charge and gets fully recharged in about 6/7 hours. Last but not least, the price: at less than 1800$ (1700€) the King 750 by DYU is convenient and very competitive.

DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 4

Features and Specs


  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: 1900*635*1160 mm (or 61.81*10.83*32.68 inches )
  • Packing size: 1570*275*830mm (or 74.80*10.24*43.31 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 1160 mm (or 45.67 inches)
  • Pedal ground clearance: 130 mm (or 5.12 inches)
  • Weight: 44 kg (or 97.00 lbs.)
  • Load: 150 kg (or 330.69 lbs.)
  • Color: Black


  • Wheel hub: 26 inches
  • Braking: Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney 7×2

Motor and Battery

  • Average speed: 22MPH (or 35 km/h)
  • Max design speed: 28MPH (or 45 km/h)
  • Power consumption per hundred kilometers: 1.1KW
  • Range in throttle mode: 75-85 km (or 47-53 mi )
  • Hill climbing capacity: 15 degrees
  • Operating temperature: -10~45 degrees Celsius (or 14-113 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 20Ah
  • Battery-rated voltage: 48V
  • Charging voltage: 54.6V
  • Charger input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Charging time: 6-7 hours
  • Motor type: High-speed motor
  • Motor-rated power: 750W
  • Motor-rated speed: 365r/min
  • Motor-rated voltage: 48V
  • Controller under-voltage value: 41±1V
  • Controller over current value: 20±1A


  • Battery Display: Yes
  • Head/Rear Light: Yes
  • Adjustable seat height: Yes
  • Speed sensor: Yes

DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 5

Riding Experience

We were impressed by the comfort and rideability of the King 750, for this price range it hits all the sweet spots for fat-bike lovers.

This adventure rig by DYU features a smooth multiple shock absorption system, with suspension forks and suspension seat tubes, making the ride silky on any surface, from snow to hard rocks, from sand to mud.

It is equipped with a torque sensor for a more responsive and intuitive ride, making climbing much easier.

The well-being of your wrists is guaranteed by ergonomic and padded grips for a quite comfortable ride also when vibrations hit the peak.

The Tourney Drivetrain is a staple of reliability for this kind of price range, tested and proofed on gazillions of bikes, it’s a real classic.

The stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes has proven itself on steep sandy descents and didn’t fail the test.

About the electric part, the DYU King 750 has a 20Ah long-lasting battery coming out from the LG factory. It guarantees to be able to power the 750w high-power motor at an average speed of 22mph for 50 miles on a single charge but can reach as far as 80 miles if the conditions are optimal.

Overall, a great riding experience for such a convenient price tag.

DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 6


The DYU King 750 design makes it quite a versatile electric bike. The relatively long wheelbase makes it stable under heavy loads, making it a good e-bike choice for big guys, but also for electric bike touring.

The 4″ fat tires, paired with the front suspension and the suspension seat post, make this bike as comfy as a bike can possibly be on mixed or rough surfaces.

Accessories provided are basic but useful: speed sensor, battery display, and most importantly front and tail lights. The battery is detachable for the most convenient charging experience.

The choice of black color and the aerodynamic tube shapes make it look pretty sleek and cool both in an urban context and in nature.

DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 7

The Battery

LG is a well-known brand in the battery industry and they produce various types of batteries for different applications. Here are some advantages of LG batteries compared to other kinds of batteries:

  1. High Energy Density: LG batteries have a high energy density, which means they can store more energy per unit of weight or volume. This makes them ideal for use in portable devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  2. Longer Life Span: LG batteries are designed to have a longer lifespan compared to other types of batteries. This is due to their superior manufacturing process and high-quality materials, which help to prevent degradation over time.
  3. Fast Charging: LG batteries have fast charging capabilities, which means they can be charged quickly compared to other types of batteries. This is especially useful for mobile devices that need to be charged frequently.
  4. Environmental Friendly: LG batteries are environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, or mercury. They are also recyclable, which reduces the environmental impact of disposing of them.
  5. High Safety Standards: LG batteries are designed with high safety standards in mind, with features such as built-in protection circuits that prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting. This makes them safer to use compared to other types of batteries.

Overall, LG batteries offer several advantages compared to other kinds of batteries, including high energy density, longer lifespan, fast charging, environmental friendliness, and high safety standards.

DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 8

Wrap up

Overall, this DYU King Fat Electric Bike excels in all points, it’s a great buy for those who want to stay on a budget while still enjoying a versatile, reliable, safe, and good-looking electric bike.

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DYU King 750 Review - A Budget Electric Fat Bike 10
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