Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 2
Vienna is perhaps one of the most cycle-friendly cities in Europe, if not the world

Cycle Touring in Austria – The best routes and trails from Cycling Holidays to Bikepacking Adventures

When you begin the process of planning your unique cycle tour or selecting a pre-existing route, there are usually a few prerequisites that every avid cyclist has on their wish list.

Good roads tend to be high up on this list so that you’re not forever dealing with potholes or people driving around blind corners on the wrong side of the road.

Delicious food and drinks are also important so that the process of refueling before the next stage of your tour is an enjoyable one.

Lastly, it is always nice to be treated to some beautiful landscapes and cultural highlights.

Wrapping all these aspects together perfectly is the country of Austria, which is undoubtedly best explored in a pair of padded cycling shorts.

Here are some tips for places to visit when you come to make your cycling tour of this land of mountains, lakes, and Mozart.

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Where to start your cycle tour in Austria. Fly to Vienna or Graz? Either works!

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Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 3

The two main hubs that people choose to fly into are Graz and Vienna. Depending on which side of the country you want your tour to start on, both are ideal launch pads.

Being the capital, Vienna is a vibrant city whose wide streets and relaxed atmosphere give it the feel of a town. In summer, the square in front of the Wiener Rathaus always has food stands and cinema screenings to enjoy.

Meanwhile, a little towards the city’s outskirts you can find dedicated cycle paths along the Donauinsel as well as the winding roads to the city’s north which are lined by vineyards producing some of the best white wine you are likely to taste anywhere.

At night, the city’s old Jewish quarter and the Gürtel are where late-night parties are to be found, while music venues and packed card rooms are available near the U3 Erdberg underground station.

You can even cycle the city’s inner ring road after dark if you so wish, as it is reserved to the cyclists and skaters belonging to Critical Mass a few days each month.

Graz, by contrast, is focused mainly around the Schlossberg hill that looks out over the city.

There are fewer opportunities to tour the town on your bike due to its cobbles and narrow streets, but it is still worth visiting the Kunsthaus and Arnold Schwarzenegger museum.

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Lakes, Lakes, and More Lakes

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 4
Hallstatt is just one of many picturesque lakeside towns and villages you will pass through

Once you have had your fill of Austrian urban centers, it’s time to go and check the reason why the country is famous among the cycling fraternity: beautiful lakeside and mountain-flanked rides.

The best ones are found at Hallstatt and Velden, the latter also a great place to stop over if you enjoy gaming.

While the country’s bigger lakes are stunning, some of the real gems are the smaller bodies of water lying in wait at the end of perfect country lanes, including the emerald-colored Grüner See and the beautifully warm Wörthersee.

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Cycle the Danube all the Way North to Germany or Down into Slovakia

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 5

Part of the beauty of Austria is that it shares borders with no less than nine other countries, meaning that there is nothing stopping you from hopping from one country to another whenever you feel like it.

A great way to do this is by following the Danube river north to Germany or south to Slovakia.

Along the way to the north, there are also some major highlights to point out, such as the stunning towns and villages that dot the Wachau region.

Purpose-built cycle paths perfectly compliment regular roads here, to produce the ideal destination for a day or two’s worth of touring.

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Cycling in Salzburg – Visit the Home of Mozart

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 6
The Wachau region is well known for its lush vineyards and quaint villages

Salzburg is one place that any Austrian cycle tour should take in, with its fairy-tale style architecture, lavish concert halls, and all the history that comes with being the home of legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

As well as going to see the very house that the great man grew up in, you should also pay a visit to the cathedral, Hellbrunn Castle, and check out the views from Hohensalzburg Castle which keeps an eye on the Old Town streets below. Salzburg is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Austria!

Treat Your Aching Muscles to an Austrian Spa

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 7
The castle gives incredible vistas of Salzburg’s mountainous surrounds

When your tour is done and you can cycle no more, it really is worth checking into one of Austria’s world-renowned spa complexes, which will pamper your group to the core.

Although 5-star spa hotels and complexes can be found hidden away in virtually all corners of the country, perhaps the biggest grouping of them is near the towns of Villach and Klagenfurt.

Establishments like Hotel Die Post and Das Ronacher offer everything from hot stone massages to soothing saltwater soaks and mud baths.

How to take a train with your bike in Austria

Cycling Austria – Perfect Destination for Fun And Picturesque Cycle Touring 8
There is no better way to unwind after a long tour than with a trip to a luxury spa

Another great thing about cycling in Austria is that there is never a need for you to worry about ending your tour near to one of the major airports.

This is because the Austrian train system is second to none, with virtually all trains have carriages specially designed for carrying large quantities of bikes.

So, once you can soak no more in your 5-star spa, in the foothills of Villach or Klagenfurt, simply hop on a world-class train that will take you to the doorstep of Vienna International Airport, ready for your homeward voyage.

Cycling in Austria, a bit more info

cycling central europe
Approaching Leoben

Austria is really a gem of a country, not just for its mesmerising alpine landscapes, but also for its great food, gorgeous architectural heritage, and very friendly people.

Although the north doesn’t offer much in term of landscapes, it still makes for one of the most popular bike holiday rides in Europe, the Danube River Cycling Path. Which is always an easy and entertaining solution for beginners.

The best bike rides in Austria though, are without a doubt in the alpine range.

There are some of the toughest climbs you can ever ride in Europe in this beautiful mountains, great challenges also for pro cyclists.

Passing through the Alps anyway, doesn’t necessarily require to be the fittest cyclist. There are a few routes that are perfectly suitable for intermediate riders.

Beautiful valley roads, which involve some climb but can easily managed by almost anyone.

Easy Cycling Holidays in Austria

Cross Alps Bike Route for Intermediate

  • Vienna-Leoben-Villach

Advanced Mountain Passes to Ride in Austria

  • Timmelsjoch
  • Rettenbachferner
  • Großglockner
  • Kitzbüheler Horn
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