The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride

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The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 3

The best BMX tires reviewed. The lightest BMX tires for street, freestyle, and park compared
Plus a guide to the ideal BMX tire pressure for each discipline

Bicycle Motocross Riding is an awesome, adrenaline-pumping action sport. If you are a BMX rider, you must be aware of how important it is to have a premium quality tire for a smooth yet safe ride. Moreover, you must be very cautious while buying a new one for your bike, especially when you are buying online.

Though the professionals have a nice experience of judging the tire by looking at only a few of its features. If you are a newbie in this, you are required to take extra care while making your final pick.

There are many features of freestyle BMX tires that will highly affect your riding in the future, so it is crucial to check all of them.

Here in this article, we will brief out all those features that you need to verify while making your purchase. Besides that, we will also look at some of the best BMX Tires in the market right now.

This will help you analyze every little aspect of the tire carefully and make the best purchase. After all, it is a matter of your safety while riding and doing your freestyle tricks. So, let’s just jump into the best BMX tires for street, park, and freestyle!

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The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 4

Top 8 BMX Tires to Choose From

Let’s take a brief look at all the best BMX Tires one by one. Please study the product features carefully as they can affect your overall experience.

Schwinn BMX Bike Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 5The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 6

If you are a die-hard mountain rider, then nothing will suit you more than this tire. Yeah, the tire will not only make your ride smooth but also prevent itself from damage.

It is one of the 20 inch BMX tires that features a Kevlar belt under the center of the tread. This prevents the tire from punctures. Moreover, the tire will never let you slip as it has beep wide spaced knobs for a superior grip.


Material: Rubber
Size: 20 x 2.125 inches
Style: Mountain
Bike Type: BMX
Pressure: 50 PSI


  • Great product at this price
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable design
  • Best for freestyle BMX


  • It could feel a bit heavy

Odyssey Pro Slick D-Ply Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 7The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 8

BMXs are all about tricks and fun, they’re great bikes for wheelies and other silly stuff that keeps your inner child alive.

This tire is for those who love to do stunts on the turns of their track. The core reason behind this is the knurled side blocks with the center tread of the tire that maintains awesome traction with the ground while turning.

The maximum BMX tire pressure of this tire is 100 PSI which means a secure and smooth landing after a wheelie.


Tire Size: 20 x 2.4 inches
Material: Rubber
Intended for: BMX
Tire Type: Bead Wire
Pressure: 100 PSI


  • Non-slippery on turns
  • 100 PSI pressure makes the ride smooth
  • Multiple sizes


  • The tire may cause issues in the beginning

Kenda MX K50 BMX Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 9The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 10

This tire may look like a traditional one, but it is one of the Best BMX tires to choose from. The factor that makes it demanding is its type.

The clincher tire can be easily repaired if, in any way, it gets punctured. Moreover, it is crafted in a way that can slice mud in an instant with more weight on it.


Tire Size: 20 x 1.75 inches
Material: Rubber
Intended for: BMX
Tire Type: Clincher
Pressure: 40-65 PSI


  • The thick tread provides a slipless, smooth ride
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • Best for dirt track racing


  • Poor puncture resistance

Maxxis Hookworm BMX Bike Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 11The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 12

The tread pattern of the tire makes Maxxis Hookworm one of the best tires for the street and flatland. It is actually best for freestyle races due to its 70a black compound.

Moreover, the rated pressure for this tire is 110 PSI that keeps it safe from pinch flats. The treads and grooves on the tire are made such that they firmly grip the road while you ride.


Tire Size: 20 x 1.95 inches
Material: Rubber
Intended for: BMX
Available Sizes: 2
Rated Pressure: 110 PSI


  • It features a rim to rim tread protected sidewall.
  • Superior durability
  • Fit for both pros and amateurs
  • Best for jump riding


  • Fit for only some bikes

Tioga Powerblock Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 13The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 14

If you are more concerned about the sidewall in the tire, then this is the best BMX street tire for you. It has a thick sidewall with a slick center profile that maintains absolute balance while riding.

Moreover, the finely ribbed treads on edge maintain absolute traction with the street while turning in speed.


Material: UTP rubber compound
Tire Bead: Steel
Tire Type: Clincher
Weight: 10 oz
Pressure: 100 PSI


  • One of the lightest BMX tires
  • Steel bead ensures durability
  • Value for money


  • It may wear out faster

Bell BMX Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 15The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 16

Do you like biking on rough terrains? If you do, then this Bell BMX tire is one of the best BMX tires for you.

Its knobby and aggressive treads can easily handle mud and other rough elements in your path. Moreover, the tire is totally protected from punctures via flat defense technology (protective layer).


Max pressure range: 35-40 PSI
Tire style: Flat Defense
Tire dimensions: 20 x 1.75-2.25 inches
Tire Color: Black
Variants: 2


  • Foldable carbon steel bead structure
  • Durable design
  • Best for dirt biking


  • It may collect a lot of mud between the treads

Maxxis DTH Wire BMX Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 17The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 18

The distinguishing feature of this tire is the ability to provide a safe ride while you are riding at speed. All that makes this possible is the dual-compound tread corners that maintain remarkable traction with the road.

Along with this, the maximum pressure required by the tire is 65 PSI. Moreover, the aspect that makes it one of the best BMX tires is its lightweight design.


Size: 24 inches
Tire variants: 2
Max. pressure: 65 PSI
Tire Type: Clincher
Tire Weight: 435 grams


  • It is best for high-speed races
  • Low treads provide a smooth ride
  • Lightweight design


  • The tire may wither easily

Kenda Comp III BMX Tire

The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 19The 8 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth and Controlled Ride 20

The last on the list is also one of the best BMX tires. The Kenda Comp III has tough treads that put themself tightly along the road to provide your cycle a smooth handling and overall grip. As per its aggressive treads, the tire is best for mountain biking as well as street riding.

As compared to other tires on the list, the Kenda tire has a small size. However, the maximum pressure of 60 PSI makes your ride jerk free.


Tire size: 16 x 2.125 inches
Wire Bead: Yes
Pressure: 60 PSI
Material: Premium quality Kenda rubber


  • Excellent quality
  • Fits easily to the BMX bike
  • Works perfectly for a long time


  • It does not come with a rubber tube
best bmx tires

Things to know while buying the best BMX tire

It is crucial to check all the necessary aspects of the tire before making your final pick. Here are some of those crucial factors:

  1. Pressure: Check the maximum tire pressure as it will help you in its maintenance and use. The pressure rating also describes the life of the tire.
  2. Treads: Make sure that the tire has deep and wide treads if you are interested in riding on rough terrains. However, go for thin and slick treads if you are a street rider. The treads will provide grip and balance.
  3. Rim: The longevity of the tire is highly dependent on the rim. Hence, make sure that you opt for a tire that comes with a sturdily constructed rim.
  4. Material: It is also mandatory to check the quality of rubber used in making the tire. Go for premium quality rubber tires as they will not wear off easily.

What is the best tire pressure for BMX bikes?

Well, to be very clear, tire pressure (PSI) is the most crucial aspect of riding. The right tire pressure will help you in riding smoothly no matter what kind of surface it is. However, the BMX tire pressure can vary based on the type of path or terrain and, of course, the type of tire.

There are a number of tire pressure values based on the type of terrains and tires. Here are the tire pressure values that you need to strictly stick for a buttery ride:

Tire Type

  • Street Tires: 40-70 PSI
  • Dirt Tires: 40-65 PSI
  • Freestyle Tires: At least 70 PSI
  • Racing Tires: Over 80 PSI

Terrain Type

  • Mountain Tires: 25-35 PSI
  • Road Tires: 80-130 PSI
  • Hybrid Tires: 40-70 PSI

Is there an ideal tire width in BMX?

Yes, definitely, the tire width of the BMX matters a lot in riding as it offers the rider control and balance over the bike. The width of the tire decides the grip of it over the road and hence the balance.

If you are concerned about the balance factor, you need to take a look at these tire width values:

  • Freestyle BMX: 2.125 inches wide
  • Dirt track racing: 1.5 to 1.75 inches wide
  • Jump riding: 1.9 to 2 inches wide

The accurate will be the tire width, the better and controlled will be your bike riding experience.

Final Words

Here we are after knowing everything about the best BMX tires. Now, whether you are an amateur or a professional, this guide will help you choose the right tire for your respective BMX bike. Do check all the necessary features and things that you need to know before opting for the best product. Happy Shopping!

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