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all lock system phone mount

All Lock phone mount system allows you to use your device in all situations without the need to swap cases or attachments every single time.

All Lock is compatible with Any Phone and Ship Worldwide!

ALL LOCK is an innovative phone mount system, started as a Kickstarter-funded project and created by a company named Lamicall. They wanted to build a sturdy, stable, and easy-to-use line of accessories for iPhones for all situations: driving, biking, hiking, running, and more, without the need to swap cases or attachments every single time you want to use your phone in a different scenario. The All-Lock system is designed to work with every accessory utilizing the same locking mechanism.

If you, like us, don’t own an iPhone don’t worry: thanks to the snap adapter, all accessories are compatible with any type of phone.

Lamicall created a modular system of accessories and attachments that all work with the same single locking system called ALL LOCK. The big advantage of this system is that you will only buy a single attachment.

You can buy a bundle with a specific purpose like the Outdoor Adventure Bundle or you can go all in and get the entire package which will set you up for any scenario you can possibly think of, from your desktop to your bicycle to your car.

You can use the Lamicall case to set up your phone or, the second option, you can use the snap adapter and use whatever case you like

What is in the box? The All Lock Phone Mount Bundle in Detail

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all lock phone mount

We recently received the All Lock Phone Mount bundle, a nice big box containing:

  • Wall Mount
  • Bike Mount
  • Armand Mount
  • Desktop Phone Charger
  • Backpack Strap Mount
  • Selfie Stick and Tripod
  • Wireless Car Charger

The first thing we noticed upon opening the box is that all the products seem to be of excellent quality. The magnetic attachment mechanism is very simple and intuitive, it also appears very reliable as, being magnetic, there are no parts that could break or fail. It is also super fast, you can attach and detach your phone in less than a second, with a simple twist.

Without further ado, here is our honest review of each one of these products.

Backpack Strap Mount

all lock phone mount backpack

The backpack mount is very useful during walks and hiking, in this way you won’t have to stop and access your phone every time you want to take a photo or check information about the route.

The mechanism is really simple, fold the band around the strap of your backpack, secure it with the strong velcro, and you are good to go. To remove the phone, turn it 45 degrees in either direction.

The strong magnet can hold up to 25 kilograms or 55 pounds, and not only it is magnetic, and consequently very safe, but also locks into place.

Selfie Stick and Tripod

all lock phone mount selfie-stick and tripod

This is a cell selfie stick and a tripod rolled into one, it comes with a removable magnetic Bluetooth remote (working with a battery included in the box), for your phone for that hands-free snapping.

Just attach your phone in the same exact way as the other mounts, twisting it to remove it. You can use it vertically or in landscape orientation, even when the phone is already locked in.

It is made of aluminum alloy, an aircraft-grade material, very difficult to break or damage. The base features an anti-slip silicon structure for safety and stability. I have to say that I found this mount works better as a tripod than a selfie stick.

Armband Mount

all lock phone mount armband

The armband phone holder is similar to the backpack version, really comfortable while walking or jogging. The strap comes in two sizes, one for smaller arms and one for bigger arms. To use it, simply wrap the band around your arm and secure it in place with its velcro. The anti-slip silicon strap keeps the mount in place, even if you move your arm very fast.

The phone snaps on easily using the magnet. I find this holder particularly useful for outdoor runs as it allows me to listen to music and quickly take pictures without having to stop and fumble through a fanny pack or running belt.

Wireless Car Charger

You can use the suction cup mount or the vent mount, fully adjust the angle and length, and get it in the exact position you like. Then you just have to magnetically attach the phone to it, and it will wirelessly charge without having any extra cable around.

If you want to use their case, check your phone model on the official website to know which one is the right fit for you. The wireless charging is really fast.

Bike Mount

all lock phone mount bike

The bike mount comes with a super robust clamp and an adjustable lock ring so you can position the phone as you want. It’s super convenient for things like navigation and don’t worry about your phone falling off either, unless you twist it’s not going to go anywhere.

It can also be attached to a motorbike, electric scooter, or on your indoor bike trainer.

Desktop Wireless Phone Charger Stand

all lock phone mount desktop charger

This is also a handy accessory to keep your phone in charge and safe on your desk. You can recharge your phone wirelessly, in portrait or landscape position. The adjustment is 360 degrees so you can really play with it.

Wall Mount

The wall mount can, obviously, be installed on the wall, but it can also be attached to the refrigerator, in short, to any vertical surface, even slightly curved, where it is convenient for you to have the phone making it easy to view and interact with the phone hands-free.

For example, if you want to watch a video while cooking or taking a relaxing bath or for streaming purposes, this phone mount is what you’ll need. The company advises waiting 24 hours for the adhesive to be strongly attached.

Snap Adapter

The adapter comes with a rubber measuring set, ensuring that you can place the lock ring in the center of your case. The best option would be to install it on a smooth surface, non-porous.

Once you’ve either used the provided case or applied the snap adapter to your own case, you’ll be ready to use all of Lamicall’s accessories.

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