Chi siamo

Ciao! Siamo Daniele Giannotta (1982, musicologist, cultural worker, and sound artist) and Elena Stefanin (1984, Graduated in Culture and Human Rights), and our project is just a respectful exploration of the world by bicycle for documentary purposes.

A journey in search of images, sounds, and words. hunting for unknown or forgotten treasures. A way to travel slower, closer to ancient rhythms, a kind of neo-nomadism.

A series of reportages about contradictions and conflicts, traditions and cultural evolution, natural wonders and environmental risks of a quickly changing world.

what have we done so far

Asia by bicycle

We set off from Bologna, Italy in May 2014, since then we’re on the road, bicycle touring around in Europe and Asia. We cycled some 25.000km so far, across 23 countries, trying to gather knowledge and information, that shared, could simplify and at the same time deepen the experience of the next traveler.

In contrast to non-human-powered transport (trains, planes, cars…) the bike puts the traveler in close contact with the road, the landscape, and the people.

When cycling is not the destination that matters, but the journey itself.

our blog

Welcome to our blog,! This is the place where we share our thoughts, experiences, failures and misadventures, the facts we witness, and the hacks we learn.

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mapping the world

a Space Lapse video, composed of street level pictures

One of the most ambitious parts of our ambitious project is our attempts to map the world by bicycle.

To pursue this goal we developed a system we called Automatic Road Sampler, it’s basically a device that automatically takes a picture from the bike every 250m and geo-tags it, to create a street level photo map of the journey. We invented it together with the makers’ group RaspiBo, in order to create a database of geotagged pictures of remote areas of the world.

We are now uploading our pictures to the crowdsourced street level photos website Mapillary, and putting together Space Lapse videos like the one above. We hope this could be of some use for other travelers.

Here’s how one of our photo sequences looks like:

our videos

In 2015 we produced a series of video episodes about our journey that were broadcasted by BikeChannel Italia (group Sky), the first 14 episodes are now available on our YouTube channel although only in Italian yet.

We are now working on the second series while looking for new investors, sponsors, and partners to produce it.

Here’s one of our favorite episodes, about a small village in Georgian Caucasus and the serious threat its people are facing.


what’s next

We are living in China at the moment, working to fund the future travels.

We will be on the road again in 2018 to ride Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Greece and finally be back to Italy (at least that’s the plan right now).

We plan then to stop a few months in our hometowns before heading to Africa for another several years journey. Then of course, there will be the Americas.

We would like to find a way to mix some canoeing in our bike trips, but we still have to find out how. We’re also thinking of hang-gliding with folding bikes… are we going too far?

the faces

Daniele Giannotta



Daniele Giannotta

born in Catania (Sicily) in 1982, I’m fond of soundscapes, ethnomusicology, bicycles, nature living, science fiction, canoeing, writing, making music… yes that’s a lot of things, can’t help it.

Hot Spring waterfall in Laos

Elena Stefanin

I saw the world for the firs time in ’84 in a little town close to Bologna.
I love nature photography, hiking volcanoes, and say what i think. I studied cultures and human rights and i’m interested in nomadic cultures and anthropological and naturalistic reportage.