Britain’s Olympic Cyclists – meet the future.

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Who are the future British Olympian cyclists?

Team GB’s cycling team has more than pulled their weight at the Olympics over the last two decades, bringing home scores of golds, silvers, and bronze medals.

Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott, and Becky James have all been shining lights on British Cycling’s recent success. But what comes next? Who are the future British Olympian cyclists?

1.   Ben Tullet

Ben Tullet is a promising cross-cycler and brother of Dan Tullet, a former winner of the 2017 Junior World Championships. Since he was three years old, he has been riding a bike, declaring that this is truly a “family sport” for him. He has ambitions at the Tour de France but first once to make his mark in the cross-grouping.

2.   Georgia Holt

Georgia Holt is a 20-year-old cycling talent and also studying for a biomedical science degree at Manchester Met.

She has been on record discussing how she has yet to make the squad, meaning the funding she receives from Entain goes a long way to improving her nutrition and gives her more track time.

Entain is a gaming company and owner of big names like Ladbrokes and PartyCasino. They have been committed to helping promising athletes by providing funding through SportsAid. Balancing an Olympic dream and a degree is not easy, but it’s made easier through SportsAid.

3.   Harriet Harnden

Harriet Harnden is another promising female cyclist with some big wins already under her belt. As recently as December 2019, she won the National Trophy race for the second time in as many years at a very muddy York track.

Still, under 23 years old, Harriet has the strong technical ability making her a genuine contender for an Olympic pick in the future.

4.   Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn pipped Ben Tullet to the finish line of the Junior National Title but has identical thinking to his opponent.

Sean also believes succeeding in the cross is his first step to achieving more significant things in other formats of cycling. He especially enjoys racing on the continent to improve his physical and mental game. 

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At what age do cyclists peak?

Unlike other sports, cyclists peak later into their 20s and sometimes in their early 30s.

Despite the sport being extremely physically demanding, many cyclists peak later in their 20s because there is a lot of tactical knowledge and experience needed to perform consistently throughout a season.

What are the five types of Olympic cycling?

The Olympic Games include a variety of cycling events. There are four main categories of Olympic cycling, namely track cycling, road cycling, BMX freestyle, BMX racing, and mountain biking.

Many cyclists compete in multiple events, including individual and team events. Track and road cycling events have been a significant part of the games since they began back in the late 19th Century.

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