Your Guide to Using Next Vacay for Your Travel Plans 6

Your Guide to Using Next Vacay for Your Travel Plans

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Savvy travelers know that deals on airline tickets are all over the internet, but it can be hard to know where to begin.

Hundreds of sites promise the best deals to travel the world. But they may require lots of searching to bring your travel destination and schedule together.

That’s where Next Vacay comes in. If a trip to beautiful and historic Belarus is in your future, read on to learn how Next Vacay can help you find the best deal on a flight.

Next Vacay Service

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Next Vacay was founded by husband and wife Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi to solve a common problem in the age of the internet: too much information to sift through. Airlines and other travel sites may offer cheap flights, but they don’t always make it easy to find them. You may have the creeping sense of panic that you’re missing out on the deals because you don’t quite know where to look — or don’t have time to search hundreds of sites to find the best ones.

Enter the solution: Naveen and Shaylee combined their love of travel and software expertise to create a tool that searches through travel sites and customizes airline flight results just for you. They started out creating the software tool to find cheap flights for themselves and their families. Then they shared it with their friends. They all saved hundreds of dollars, so the couple decided to make it available to everyone.

Nobody should be excluded from experiencing trips to other cities, countries, and cultures because airline tickets are too expensive or hard to find. Next Vacay puts the options right in your inbox. You receive email alerts and book your ticket. There are no middlemen or agencies with hidden fees or limitations.

Flight Subscription Service

Lots of travel sites offer deals on all forms of travel, like hotels, car rentals, cruises, travel packages, and flights. Sometimes, search results prioritize package deals first or bundle travel options together. This can be frustrating if all you want is access to cheap flights. Next Vacay is a travel service for flights only. For an annual subscription fee of just $25, you open your access to the best flight deals. You can easily cover the cost of the fee in the savings on your first flight purchase.

Here’s how it works: You sign up for the service by setting up a free 30-day trial Next Vacay membership. You choose your home airport and Next Vacay will search for departing flights from it and surrounding airports within a four-hour drive. (You have the option of selecting other airports outside that range, too.) Approximately two or three times a week, you’ll receive an email from Next Vacay with flight deals to a variety of destinations.

Unlike a last-minute travel site, Next Vacay deals are for trips from one to ten months out, so you have some time to plan for your travel, arrange for time off from work, and look into hotels, car rentals, or excursions without feeling panicked.

When a flight looks like the right fit, you book it yourself with the airline. Next Vacay doesn’t take a commission from the airlines, so you can be assured the deals are unbiased.

If you’re not sure it’s for you, try it out — the first month is free. And if you’re not satisfied with the service in the first six months, you can cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.

Next Vacay Ideal Customers

Travel takes all kinds of forms: Long-planned visits to family members, bucket list destination trips, or getaways that open your eyes to new places. Next Vacay is a great service for:

  • Travelers who want to find a great deal on a flight but don’t have time or energy to do constant searching on multiple sites.
  • People who know they want to take a trip to somewhere interesting and have some flexibility with dates and even destinations.
  • Those who enjoy dreaming about travel and considering places offered in the email subscription service.
  • People who like to travel over holidays and want the best price on a flight.
  • Travelers who feel confident in booking the other details of a trip once the flight is secured.

The Best Deals on Airline Tickets

Because Next Vacay searches many databases for airfare deals, the destination possibilities that may appear in your inbox are only limited by your imagination. When Naveen and Shaylee were testing the first version of the software, they found round-trip tickets from Atlanta, Georgia, to India for $300 each and to Barcelona for $600 each.

Unlike a common newsletter that tells you about sales that might not even apply to you or are long gone by the time you search, Next Vacay is tailored to travel that makes sense for you. The emails give you information about the departure airport(s) you’ve selected, the destination, and the dates where prices are likely to be lower.

Direct Booking

The concept of “travel hacking” may lead you to believe that one service has a corner on the cheap flights market. But when you book with a middleman travel service, you run the risk of overlooking any hidden fees or restrictions. Next Vacay gives you a link so you can book directly with the airline offering the deal. This gives you access to any frequent flyer mile programs or the account you’ve set up with an airline.

Booking directly with the airline also helps you stay immediately connected with any flight changes, travel interruptions, or unforeseen circumstances. You can contact airline customer service directly rather than relying on a third party to get the details right. Eliminating that extra interaction can save you time and stress when you need help the most.

If your bucket list includes more travel to new and exciting places, Next Vacay is a perfect subscription service for you. For a small fee, you eliminate the guesswork of so-called “travel hacking” and let expert software do it for you. Imagine yourself in far-off lands with the deep satisfaction that you got the best deal out there on your plane ticket.

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