bicycle touring southern thailand

Touring the World on a Bike – 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Bicycle

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bicycle touring southern thailand

Life without adventures can be quite tedious and meaningless. The feeling of getting out there into the unknown and unexplored world can be the most refreshing. More so when done on a bicycle.

Touring the world on a bike a lot more natural than shut in cars or vans. It is obviously more nature friendly and helps you see the world closely. 

However, a bike you choose for touring can be a decision that can tarnish all the fun you’re planned for adventure.

If the cycle isn’t up to par for the journey, you can end up having less than an ideal vacation and may get severely tired or injured. For this reason, we have gathered a few tips for you to have a great bicycle tour and avoid mistakes for purchasing the best bike out there:

Inadequate Sizing

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A rookie mistake in tour biking is getting a bike that doesn’t fit your size well. If your bike doesn’t adjust perfectly to your stature, you will be in for a tiring and uncomfortable ride.

As there are so many kinds of bikes in the market, ensure to survey them for adequate height and size for reaching the paddles and handlebar easily. These features will help you work your tour comfortably and efficiently.

Not Having Custom Build 

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It’s not mandatory to have your bike custom build, but the structure can be exceedingly more adjustable and perfect for you.

It’s easy to get a ready-made bike with all its shiny paint job surfaces and new bike smell, but the satisfaction of having a bike build on your own preferences can be the best thing for your tour.

For this reason, you should try at least once in buying tour bike parts and constructing the bicycle rather cheaply with added features of the comfort of your own. 

Being Budgetless

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Talking about getting a cheap bike means that you should have a budget constructed. Going to the mart without a budget for your tour bike can be harmful as you may end up straining your wallet.

Therefore, check out all your favorite and best bikes on the market to know the prices and then create a budget that works with you.

You will also have travel expenses to take care of, so ensure to create a travel budget with your bike included so that you don’t go over it.

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Getting a Regular Bike

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The worst mistake that you can make when choosing a bike for touring is not going for a touring bike, to begin with.

A touring bike is different from a regular bike in its working and build. It has a highly stable frame that works on the most challenging roads and helps you travel with ease.

Moreover, a touring bike is made to be more comfortable for seating and reinforced for carrying loads. In tour bikes also, make sure to get a type that fits your needs and carries any kind of traveling load you may have. 

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