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Bicycle Travelers

A bicycle journey from Netherlands to Nepal.
A very experienced cycling couple. Tons of useful tips.
super nice Bine & Uli, actually touring central and South America.
Stefania and Alessandro, full-time travelers with a deep
interest for environmental themes
Andrew Welch
eclectic adventurer, artist, and philosopher.
Corax: around the world by bicycle
approximately 82 500km from 1994, this says all.
Tom’s bike trip
inspirational guy. Adventurer, writer, filmmaker
Eleanor Moseman
photographer. Solo cyclist
Swiss couple around the world on a recumbent tandem


Zen and the art of alcohol stoves
all about do-it-yourself alcohol stoves. Hundreds of variants.

Travel Resources
The best source of information about Silk Road countries rough traveling
Travel Fish
Top notch guide for South East Asia
an incredible tool for travel organization. Just try it.
create bike tracks with altimeter profile, export in GPX
open source global maps
Teach remotely and earn while traveling
Stay safe while traveling with the right insurance

Bicycle resources

Sheldon Brown
bicycle bible
a lot of insight into the bicycle world,
with a special focus on touring

Supporters and friends

anthropologist, musician, inventor
the D.I.Y. temple for electronics and informatics in Bologna.
An informal group of wonderful people