bicycle gift idea
Image by Mikael Colville-Andersen

27 Gift ideas for Bicycle Travelers, Camping Cyclists & Outdoor Geeks

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bicycle gift idea
Image by Mikael Colville-Andersen

27+ Christmas or birthday gifts for cyclists
Find the perfect present for bicycle touring and
outdoor enthusiasts, camping lovers, and bike freaks

Christmas is coming! Looking for some great gift ideas for a bicycle lover, outdoor enthusiast, camping freak, bike traveler? We collected here some stuff that we ourselves would like to find under the Christmas tree (If you love us very much… this is a message for you 🙂 ).

Some of these items are cheap, some are more expensive, all of them are great gift ideas for cyclists of various sorts. Take a look and find your deal.

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Bicycle travelers are often very picky about their gear. When it comes to gifts for a cycling outdoor lover is hard to figure out what will be appreciated. The lack of space in the panniers and weight issue may result in unnecessary items being left at home.

The cycling gift ideas proposed here take this into account, so we featured only stuff that almost every bicycle traveler will bring along for a long tour.

If you know someone who’s planning to start bicycle touring but hasn’t geared up with the essentials yet, take a look at our series about bicycle touring equipment and find some inspiration!

Finding a set of panniers under the Christmas tree might push someone who always wanted to travel by bicycle but hasn’t done that yet, to finally go fulfill her/his dream.

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Keep in mind that a bicycle must be of the right size, so do your researches if you want to gift one to somebody else!

23 Gift Ideas for Touring Cyclists

best gifts outdoor cycling
Goal Zero Venture at

Solar Panels

Solar panels are super handy for long-term bicycle trips, especially when free camping is the main form of accommodation. They can keep electronics alive even when there are no plugs nearby.

Check here for a vast choice of models from the trusted website


A sturdy and effective folding knife is an essential piece of equipment for every outdoor enthusiast. A great Christmas gift for a bike traveler that enjoys camping.

Again on Outdoor Play there are some great ones


christmas gift camping bicycle
MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set

For camping lovers, what’s better than having a nice set of stoves? Cooking is an essential part of camping life, cool cookware is a great gift idea for the touring cyclist.

Take a look at those on

Water Purifier

For the more adventurous ones, preparing for an expedition in remote areas of the world, a water purifier is a great gift. No need to worry anymore about water supplies and always stay hydrated while camping in the wild.

Some good ones can be found here


27 Gift ideas for Bicycle Travelers, Camping Cyclists & Outdoor Geeks 6
Therm-A-Rest Slacker Double Hammock @Outdoorplay

A nice, durable hammock is for sure an item desired by many outdoor lovers. And if you have a garden or a balcony you can enjoy that at home too!

Here are some beautiful ones

Power Bank

Everybody uses battery packs nowadays, they are the best way to keep the juice up on your smartphone. Bicycle travelers are akin to drain their phone batteries pretty quickly, using navigation apps. A good battery pack is sure to be a welcomed Christmas present for a cyclist.

You can impress with this super cool one from GoalZero, or find a cheaper one on Amazon


Every cyclist owns a helmet, but who doesn’t like a new one? What about a foldable helmet for example? Did you know they exist? They look super handy for bicycle touring.

Otherwise, check out these standard helmets here

Cycling Jersey and other apparel

You can’t go wrong when gifting a cycling jersey to a cyclist…as long as you can figure out the size. A new jersey is definitively something I would love to find under the Christmas Tree.

Other items of apparel that are sure to be appreciated are arm warmers and socks.

You have a huge choice, long sleeve or short sleeve (we personally use Sigr)


gift idea cyclist bicycle
BSG Sunglasses at

Everybody looks cooler with sunglasses on. As a famous Italian songwriter used to say, they give you “more charisma and symptomatic mystery”. A great gift for cyclists.

Have a look at the best ones from our buying guide!

Hard Shell Jackets

Winter is just another season, why shouldn’t you cycle it? Maybe because you don’t have the proper gear. A good quality hard shell jacket is sure to keep you warm even when outside is freezing.

There are so many good ones out there, have a look here


gift cyclist bicycle lovers
Topeak Pocket Shock DXG Pump

Whether it be a floor standing pump for a garage workshop or a more portable one for bicycle trips and everyday commuting, a pump is a must-have item for every cyclist.

Some pumps from Amazon

Bike Lights

Even when not planning to cycle in the dark, every cyclist should always have a decent set of bike lights. We personally use the contactless, battery-free, Magnic Lights… check them out.

More standard kind of lights are on sale here

Bike Travel Case

gift bicycle touring
Thule Transition Bike Travel Case

Not every bicycle traveler starts cycling straight out of his doorstep, many prefer to fly to far-away destination and then cycle there. While flying with a cardboard box is the ordinary, it may quite often result in some damage to the beloved bicycle. That’s why sturdy bike bags are a super cool gift for every cyclist willing to explore the globe with her/his bicycle.

These on Outdoorplay are seriously top-notch (and top price)

Bike Car Mount Rack

Although this may come as a shocking truth, many cyclists also own a car. They might use this, for example, to reach a nice place and bike there, maybe with their whole family. A bike rack for cars is a cool gift idea, and it will look huge under the Christmas Tree.

Take a look here for inspiration

Child Seat or Trailer

gift cycling families
Thule Chariot Cheetah XT-1 Child Trailer,

Not only might cyclist have a car, they may as well have kids! And what do you do when you have kids and want to go out for a ride? Leave them to the grandparents? Why not take them with you instead. Bike seats and trailer are amazing gits for mommy and daddy cyclists.

Take a look at this safe trailer or this multisport child trailer. Read our buying guide about the best bike trailers for kids.

Safety Vest

When you love someone, the last thing you want is them to get hurt. A glowing safety vest increases the cyclist’s visibility and lowers the chances of accidents, is a fact.

Outdoorplay sells this one


best gift bicycle travel camping outdoor
Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Another must-have piece of camping equipment. Unless you’re a feline you’ll need some help to see in the dark. Headlamps are definitively the best solution, as they leave your manipulative limb free to manipulate whatever.

Take a look at this choice on and the much cheaper stuff on Amazon.

First Aid Kit

In the most unlikely event of something going wrong, a first aid kit can save a life. Every outdoor lover and long distance touring cyclist should have one.

Here are some compact first aid kits

Action Cam and Accessories

gift idea adventure cycling
sony FDR x1000v 4k action camera

In the era of global video sharing, almost every cyclist wants an action cam. While a GoPro might be expensive, there are many more models out there. If already owning one, there are many cool accessories that might be a cool add-up.

Check our article: 11 Best Action Cameras for Cycling

GPS and Cycle Computers

Many bicycle travelers rely on smartphones for navigation, but I believe that once you try a real GPS device, you’ll never want to go out without it.

Take a look at some cycle computers and GPS devices


gift bicycle lover
TIGr Bow Lock

Having your bike stolen will most likely put a sad end to your tour. Having a good lock will make harder for any malicious folk to deprive you of your dream.

We personally use TiGr Locks, a titanium lightweight bow lock made in the US, Kryptonite U locks are maybe the most used by owners of pretty cool bicycles. Check our review of the TiGr Bow Lock.

Bicycle Books

A book is a classic Christmas gift. A good read is always welcome, and when it’s about bicycles it even better.

Check, for example, Lonely Planet’s Epic Bike Rides of Americas or the World, or something more practical like one of the many bicycle maintenance manuals on Amazon, or even something more bicycle touring specific, like these.


best tools bicycle touring bikepacking
Topeak Alien Multitool from Chain Reaction Cycles

To fix your bike you need your tools, and when you’re on the road is nice to have them all combined into a single compact object. There are plenty out there, but some really stand out of the crowd.

Check our article about the best spare parts and tool for a bicycle tour.

Gift voucher

Finally, if you really can’t figure out what is that your fellow cyclist needs, why not let her/him chose? A gif voucher may not look big under the Christmas Tree, but is always a welcomed gift!

Thet are available at Chain Reaction for strictly bicycle related stuff, Outdoorplay for all things outdoors, and BH for the photography lovers (the best online photography shop).

gift for cyclists

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