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Casinos at Night, Cycling in the Day – How to Prepare For a Trip to Macau

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As we have talked about at length elsewhere on the site,  Asia is home to a host of exotic and exciting locations that are ideal for exploring either as part of a bike tour or simply on your own. However, while there is a seemingly endless choice of incredible landscapes to experience across the continent, what if you want something that combines cycling with all of the styles of a city break?

The unmistakable glitz and casino glamour of Macau could help in that respect and, in this article, we are going to give you some key tips on how you can prepare for a trip to the region.

Top entertainment and casinos

Located on the southern coast of the beautiful country of China, the autonomous region of Macau was a Portuguese colony for a number of years but, in recent times, it has developed into a truly incredible tourist destination. With its array of world-class entertainment and casinos, the region has undoubtedly earned its reputation as the Las Vegas of Asia. In 2017 alone, it achieved visitor arrival figures of almost 33 million and it generates massive revenues from tourism every year.

With this in mind, a key way to prepare for a visit to Macau is to ensure you’re ready to tackle a host of casino games. Online casino sites may be able to help with this, as many sites offer a number of traditional classics and slot games too. In terms of the latter, Wild Orient from Microgaming could well be a great option due to its Asian-inspired themes.

While you may not fancy spending too much cash online ahead of your Macau trip, bear in mind that a number of games are often available with one caveat – you don’t have to pay for them. Free titles can be found on a host of sites, so you have no excuses but to test your abilities.

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Excitement and adventure

However, while heading to Macau might mean brushing up on your casino skills, you should also not forget to pack your cycling shorts too. The region has really embraced bikes in the past few years with the tourism board outlining how both Taipa Island and Coloane Island have become great choices for those looking to enjoy a bicycle tour while they are in the area.

Taipa, in particular, has really taken to two-wheel travel, with bicycle rentals available close to Pak Tai Temple, one of the area’s most striking buildings, which has a history stretching back around 160 years.

Furthermore, the island is also home to a 4.8km waterfront track, which is ideal for enjoying by bike. Best of all, if you’re traveling with extended family, the range of facilities on the route including playgrounds and picnic areas mean it is suitable for all ages. As such, another important way to prepare is to ensure you have everything you need for big and little people to get on two wheels.

Plenty to enjoy

While it may have made its name with casinos and entertainment, Macau has developed beyond that into an all-around tourist destination that has embraced cycling. If you’re looking to combine a bit of night-time glamour with daytime cycling, this could well be the place for you.


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