CompTIA 220-1001 Test, Its Badge, and Job Roles. How You Can Prepare with Reliable Practice Tests? 12

CompTIA 220-1001 Test, Its Badge, and Job Roles. How You Can Prepare with Reliable Practice Tests?

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CompTIA 220-1001 Test, Its Badge, and Job Roles. How You Can Prepare with Reliable Practice Tests? 13

CompTIA 220-1001 Test, Its Badge, and Job Roles. How You Can Prepare with Reliable Practice Tests?

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Every specialist looks forward to getting hold of a document that validates their skills. Reaching such a goal takes a complicated journey that involves taking one or more exams. And this is where the biggest challenge lies.

But when you think about what you get in the end, you are going to do all it takes to pass your assessment(s).

When it comes to mentioning some IT giants in the sphere of selling certifications and providing exams, the name of CompTIA arises first. Have you heard of it? Well, CompTIA is a distinguished IT firm offering vendor-neutral credentials and tests to interested specialists.

So, in this post we would like to talk about the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Practice Test and show you the credential and job roles associated with this test. To begin, let us cover the details of this exam.

Details for Exam 220-1001 

Test 220-1001 is given to those who wish to become CompTIA A+ certified. The second assessment to earn this very badge is exam 220-1002.

If to speak about the topics that the CompTIA 220-1001 measures, they include your technical abilities in the following areas:

  • Identifying hardware devices and components as well as connecting and using them,
  • Networking technologies and features,
  • Mobile devices and their usage,
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting,
  • Cloud computing and virtualization.

All these domains are included in the assessment of 90 questions that will take you 90 minutes to complete. The questions to appear in main 220-1001 are performance-based, drag-and-drops, and multiple choice.

There are no formal prerequisites for sitting for this test, however, candidates are expected to have a field or lab experience of 9-12 months. Applicants also must meet the minimum score of 675 out of 900 points not to fail the exam. And CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions 220-1001 test fee is $226.

After meeting the required threshold, you will be moving to the next step of passing the second CompTIA assessment. Once you have accomplished both steps, you will receive the A+ credential which will be instrumental in connecting you with relevant IT job roles in the market. Let us take a look at each of these job roles next.

Job Roles for CompTIA A+ Credential 

Clear knowledge of expected positions and responsibilities once you acquire certain qualifications is important. To successfully perform your responsibilities, you must balance creativity, customer service, technical solving of problems, and collaboration with other personnel in the organization you work for. Here are the roles you can fit in once you have achieved the CompTIA A+ badge, with the salaries included, according to

  • Service desk analyst

A service desk analyst’s leading responsibility is to resolve computer hardware or software issues. Their tasks include responding to inquiries from users, assessing problems with IT applications and equipment, and helping resolve them. The annual salary of such a specialist equals $47,907.

  • Technical support specialist

Technical support specialists are basically charged with providing assistance and maintaining computer systems as well as hardware. Their work can entail installation, configuration, and updates of software and hardware. They also will be involved in fixing issues that may come up concerning the equipment. When it comes to the earnings of these specialists, they get up to $51,038 in one year.

  • Associate network engineer

An associate network engineer earns $57,049 yearly and his/her responsibility is to take care of systems infrastructures in an organization. They have to make sure the design consistency, quality guidelines, and standards for security are maintained. They basically offer network infrastructure technical support services.

  • Systems support specialist

As a systems support specialist with the CompTIA A+ certification, your responsibilities will vary depending on the hardware and software your organization will be using. However, the job tasks are the same. You will be involved in providing technical support, performing maintenance, and troubleshooting and fixing hardware errors with a median income of $49,623.

  • End-user computing technician

As an end-user computing technician, your work will entail assisting customers faced with defects or problems with the products or programs they are using. You will be responding to customer queries, solving arising technical problems, and ensuring that the organizational software, network, and computer peripherals are retained. What concerns your earnings, you’ll get $38,00 annually.

How to Prepare for 220-1001 and Make Use of Practice Tests?

One effective method for your 220-1001 prep that you cannot ignore is practicing using old exams. 220-1001 practice tests from exam preparation platforms such as are the best.

This is because they present you with the mock tests that include the exact things the actual assessment consists of. Since these tests mimic the true environment of 220-1001 through the VCE Player, you will benefit greatly from practicing with them. To start off, try the free vce files to get an idea of what we are referring to. 

And the best part about revising for your upcoming exam with is how you get access to invaluable products in the 220-1001 Premium Bundle going for $39,97. This package contains a practice test with 184 practice questions and validated answers by IT experts, a study guide with 2287 pages, and a video training course with 130 lectures. 


While willing to play your role is a good thing, you need to take deliberate steps to get there. Passing the required CompTIA exams including 220-1001 is the real deal. You, therefore, must prepare appropriately.

This means the utilization of trustworthy practice tests that are provided by And with their help, the CompTIA A+ certification will be guaranteed. Do not wait for too long to begin your badge journey. Remember that your desired job role and other benefits are waiting for you!

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