Everything you need to know about Bicycle Touring and Adventure Travel in China

China is a huge and complex country, full of natural marvels and endangered cultural diversity. Cycle touring in China is tough but rewarding, as it is exploring it in any other way (backpacking for example). Each region is as vast as a state itself, with a lot more to see than what’s featured on the most popular guidebooks. Tall mountains, huge deserts, endless plains and wetlands, China has it all!

We traveled China by bicycle for two months and lived here for a year and a half. Check out our tips, hacks, and trip reports.

Hi! We are Daniele Giannotta (1982, musicologist, cultural worker, and sound artist) and Elena Stefanin (1984, Graduated in Culture and Human Rights), and our project is just a respectful exploration of the world by bicycle for documentary purposes.

We left Bologna in May 2014, since then we are on the road, pedaling Europe and Asia.

We have traveled 25,000 Km so far, across 23 countries, trying to gather knowledge and information that shared, simplify and at the same time deeper experience for the next travelers.

Chinese Visa in Vientiane, Laos

 When it comes to Chinese visa this usually means "headache", especially for those traveling overland. Anyway this time it was easier than expected, and it seems to us that Vientiane could be a perfect place to arrange your tourist visa (or also other...

Qingdao: Yellow Sea, green seaweed

people bathing dressed in the creepy waters of the Yellow Sea, QingdaoTraveling to Qingdao, German heritage leftover in ChinaQingdao, Shandong, is a former German concession city in Eastern China. It's also one of the most renowned coasta...