We ended up in the Philippines almost for fortune, for a series of coincidences, but this was the country where we really thought we may stay for a while. This is because Philippines is a fun, friendly and beautiful country, rich in positive vibes and human creativity.
Ours was a one-month bicycle trip in the Philippines, the length of the Visa free regime.

As usual, we think that a bicycle is the better tool to deeply explore, get in touch with the real and experience landscapes and people. Even though the Philippines are an inexplicably underrated cycling destination, you should really consider the cycling option.

Anyway, the itineraries listed here could easily be done by local transports or renting a scooter. Just click on the images to read the full articles, those include detailed interactive maps of our bicycle trip, complete with elevation profile.

best islands Philippines

“Maybe because this was our first real impact with the rural Philippines, we developed a strong affection for this beautiful island. I think it’s really a no miss destination for a decent tour of the Philippines.
Bohol is part of the Central Visayas province, and is inhabited by around 1.3 million persons. It is one of the most popular destination in the Philippines, mostly for the Chocolate Hills and Panglao island, but there’s really much more in this island…”
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“Negros is not a famous destination in the Philippines, and that’s a pity. It’s an incredibly beautiful island, great to experience the real Philipino culture and lifestyle. Negros island is part of the Visayas archipelago, which constitutes the central part of the Philippines state. Around 4.5 million people live here, not much considering this is the 4th biggest island in the Philippines…”
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bicycle touring Philippines

best islands visayas philippines

“Guimaras is a small (604.57 km2) island in the Western Visayas province of the Philippines, it’s a wild and fascinating destination off the beaten path. This island’s landscape is rugged and arid, compared to the rest of the Philippines, very peculiar of this island. Guimaras is world renowned for mango production, those are told to be the best mangoes in the world. But it’s not just for the mango that we came here, Guimaras is really worth a visit, could be explored in a few days and you’ll never forget the feeling of this island…” (keep on reading)
Panay is mainly known as the gate to Boracay island, the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines and one of the most visited in South East Asia. But to our eyes, most famous and most visited usually means most crowded and expensive. So, since we are more the “off the beaten path” kind of travelers we decided to explore Panay instead…”
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bicycle touring Philippines

Here’s the detailed interactive map with elevation profile of our whole bicycle trip in the Philippines, hope it helps.

bicycle touring Philippines

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  1. Carmen Baguio

    I’m want to plan a trip to the Philippines because my husband’s parents are from there. Our last name is Baguio so we have to see Baguio City!

  2. Ana Ojha

    Philippines is surreal and on my bucket list. Hope to visit there soon! Thanks for sharing the great itinerary!


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